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I woke up early and do my laundry.  I have to stop by at Goldilocks later to buy Erika the cake I had promised her last week.  I am happy today.  I am singing; not caring at all if I am doing it right.  What's so special about today?  Well, it is my birthday.  Thanks God, I reached three decades and still surviving the harshness of life.  My wishes this day is good health and long fruitful life for my family and for the people who are so dear to me;  and also for God to grant the deepest desires of my heart.  I know one day He will give it to me. 

I have been so blessed this year that sometimes I can't believe if it is real or I am only in the middle of a good dream.  Sometimes I stop and think about it.  I would even pinch myself or slap my face to convince myself that this is all real.