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Today is my parents' 34th wedding anniversary.  They are not sweet as couple. Read my previous post about them to fully understand what I am saying.   Arguing is a constant part of their 34 years of marriage.  I wondered what make them last this long.  Whatever it is, I am happy that they are still together.  They stick through thick and thin.  They experienced ups and downs of life but successfully battled it all.  They are two different people but they compliment each other.  If my father is the fire, it is my mother who serves as the water who put it out and vice versa.  If only married couple could adapt this attitude, maybe divorce or annulment will become a thing of the past.  There would be no place for broken homes.  Children will be happy to see their family intact and in harmony.

As for my parents, I wish they will live long to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.  Being their daughter, there could nothing be more happier than seeing them being married again and renew their vows for each other.


Jona said...

congratulations to your dear parents!