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My baby sister Erika is celebrating her 14th birthday today.  I can't believe it.  She used to be the little girl who would walk behind me, tugged my hand as her butt or her back is itching.  I named her myself.  I am always telling her that her name means brave so she must be brave in front of anything and anybody.  She is our little girl who would pose for us to take her picture.  The little girl who would fester me to buy halo-halo and ice cream.  The baby who pouts when she can't get what she wants.  She used to be very shy but now, she is slowly coming out of her shell to mingle with teen-agers her age, her classmates.

Like a butterfly, she metamorphosized into a very  conservative lady.  She would not wear hanging shirts and tank tops.  She would not come with me when I wear shorts and sleeveless.  We did not prepare anything for her today.  I just talked her into having a joint celebration with me.  Thanks God she agreed as long as there's Goldilocks cake for her :)  I may be a selfish sister because I don't want her to grow old.  I want her to be always the baby that is waiting for me after her class and grasp my hand with much trust that I can keep her safe when we cross the road.  I miss those moments with her.  I dreaded the day that some man would take her away from me.  I don't think I can stand it.  One thing I noticed about her.  She loves reading Harry Potter books already.  I hope she will like Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys too as I do.

To my dear little sister, a very happy birthday.  May you get all the best in life. 


nothingprofound said...

It's quite a shock when they reach that age. I experienced that resistance with my daughter when she turned 14. I wanted her to stay an innocent little girl. But now she's 20 and a woman and someone I can have wonderful conversations with.