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We are suppose to have a Christmas party at the office today, but due to some incident beyond our control, it was cancelled sad to say.  We are waiting for our checks since Tuesday.  Yesterday was a big disappointment for all of us.  What we are expecting did not arrive on time.  Our excitement was dampened.  We were all in bad mood.  We were complaining about it but my boss said, we have to look at it in a different perspective.  Instead of being so negative about it, we have to realize that we have lot of things to be thankful for.  First is that, we may not have receive our checks on time but surely it will be arriving soon.  It is better than not expecting anything at all.  Second, we may be in dire need of cash but still we are healthy and roaming free.  We can do anything we want.  It is better compared to those who got a billion net worth yet they are behind bars and under the scrutiny of the eyes of the public facing so many scandals.  And last, we are in perfect health condition and enjoying every blessing that comes our way.  We are lucky enough that we can sleep soundly at night knowing that we have not hurt anybody in our everyday dealing with our fellow human beings.  And the good news?  Before we go home this afternoon, our checks arrived not one, not two, but three!  Now that's something for us to be very grateful. 


Anonymous said...

wow! much money ka diay karon.