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Today marks the second year of my uncle's death. A man who was mercilessly murdered because of his principles. A man who had done nothing but advanced the life of the of the ordinary farmers and peasants.  He was employed at a non-governmental organization that provides livelihood, infrastructures and equipments to improve the living conditions of the farmers in Mindanao.  But for some selfish reason, the unknown murderers plotted and succeeded in cutting his life short.  He was young and still has a lot to do in the service of the poor farmers that he loved.  He being a son of a farmer himself knew and understood the hardships and sacrifices of the most deprive sector of the country.

In my heart, I am still nursing the feeling of fury and vengeance.  Two years had passed and yet, hatred still resides inside me.  For a good and principled man to be killed by such a painful death is very hard to accept.  When we lost him, the pillar of our family collapsed.  He was the person we go to when we have problems.  He was a loving husband to my aunt, a friend and loving father for his nephews, nieces and children.  A doting grandfather to his grandchildren.  He never fails to make us all laugh with his funny punchlines and antics.

Two years, yet no one was apprehended and brought to justice.  It  was just another case of unsolved murder.  Two years and my heart still bleeds and crying for justice.  I hope one day it will happen.  I am not losing my hope.