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I am so preoccupied since this morning. I was the one preparing the food for our media noche. It was a tiresome job but I am happy to do it. After all, it only happens once a year. Only my parents and I are at home. My four sisters are in Cotabato City. The other one in Manila as she already has a family of her own and the other one is in Zamboanga. It is making me sad to think of my siblings being away from us. I am used to having them around as we welcome the new year.  But our respective jobs keep us away from each other.

I went to the church with my mother to attend the mass. It is the best thing I have to do to forget my loneliness. Kids from the neighborhood came over and sang songs for me. In exchange for a twenty peso bill each. The excitement on their faces made me smile. I could see myself in them when I was still a little girl.