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With Love Wednesday

Jona, a new found friend in bloglandia invited me to a Wednesday meme.  this week's topic is about families.  So here's mine.

I have read a funny line somewhere that says, "Family is like a fudge; all sweet with a few nuts."  I really had a good laugh with this one because it kind of reminded me of my own family.  I am the eldest in the brood of six girls and a boy.  My two sisters were already married.  Five of us are working while the two younger ones are still in college and high school.  We are seven different personalities who are trying to get along and live in harmony with each other.  We may have different traits yet we have one thing in common.  All our names start with letter E.  From my parents down to the youngest child.  I don't know why my parents made it a tradition.

Elanie is a little naughty.  Oh God, I hate when she tickles me.  Euvelyn is reliable and the "madiskarte".  Leave her alone and she can still survive.  She always finds way to solve her problems.  Ellen is the silent type and the secretive one.  But she can be helpful too.  If you can deal with her loads of self-pity and a large reserve of patience, the two of you will get along well.  Elvin on the other hand is a survivor.  He had learned life's lesson at a young age.  After dealing with the ups and downs of life, he was able to bounce back and stand tall like a bamboo after the storm battered it to the ground.  I am glad he is responsible now.  Eleonor is the one whom you can trust with your secrets.  She is the mediator of the family.  And finally, Erika, the baby in the family.  She is a little spoiled as she gets everyone's attention.  She was born eight days before my 16th birthday and eight years after Eleonor.  You can imagine the jealousy that sparked in Eleonor's heart when Erika got what used to be hers.  I am glad they are getting along (well, sometimes) now.  And me?  Did I tell you my name is Elena?  I am the talkative one and has a sharp tongue of candidness.  As for my parents, click here to know about them.


My nephew's name is Eldridge and the one coming on the way will surely get a name that starts with letter E too.  Well, what else is new? :)


Jona said...

Hi Len!thanks for joining on this week's WLW! you may add your link to the linky so others can can visit your entry too ;)