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With Love Wednesday

It is With Love Wednesday once again. This week I will talk about gifts.

December is a gift-giving month. Since it is Christmas, we give gifts to people who are close to our hearts, our family, loved ones, friends, godchildren and all who are dear to us. Last year, I gave gifts to my neighbors especially the kids. However, this year, since I turned 30, I decided to give myself gifts. It is not wrong being kind to our self sometimes. That I learned from Jason. At least I do not feel guilty anymore for the things I bought for myself.


This year as a gift to myself, I bought a laptop and digital camera. I think of it as a reward to myself for reaching my goals this year. I have learned to love and give value to myself now. It is not being selfish, but how can we give love to others when we do not love ourselves?

As for my sister Erika, I gave her Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books, a Hello Kitty pink body bag and two Harry Potter books. This is to encourage her to read more.


I thought nobody would remember to give me a gift, but my landlady did. She gave me a cute table lamp. I am not a meticulous and choosy person; I can appreciate anything. As always, it is the thought that counts after all. For this year, I do not have anything to ask anymore, as far as I know, I have received all I want this year. For as long as my family, friends and all my loved ones are in good health, that is already more than enough for me.