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With Love Wednesday

Hello guys!  It's Wednesday again, time for With Love Wednesday meme.  This is my own share of thoughts today.

Since I started working, I have been away from our home and my parents most of the time.  I can only go home when there is a long holiday or long weekend.  It is something I look forward to whenever I am away.  Anywhere I am, I always long for the familiar ambiance of the place where I grew up, our home. This is the place I shared with my siblings when we are still young.  We consider it our nest until we got our wings to fly on our own.  But now that we are all grown ups and have different lives to lead, it is very rare for us to be together anymore.  The last time I went home, I felt so hollow inside me. For the home which was once full of screaming kids now looks abandoned and very quiet that it sent tears to my eyes.  If not for the kids from the neighborhood that's frequenting our home, it will be just another lonely place once filled with laughter and cries but now forgotten by time.

Our home may be old and rotten because of the years it battled but the comfort it gives me has never fade through the years.  It is the cradle of my childhood memories, the silent witness of my own metamorphosis.  Wherever my adventures in life would bring me, I would always find myself flying back to the place where I started, our home.

Truly, there is no place like home.


Jona said...

trulyly. there's no place like home. as i read your post i remember my parent's home- the cradle of my childhood memories too. only, all the noise and the folks are still there ;)
thanks for sharing!