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I filed a three-day vacation leave from work. I am feverish with excitement for the coming holidays. Not only because my siblings are coming home but another member of the family is about to come anytime from now. My sister Uvy is going to give birth to her first baby and today she did not report for work. The way I look at her, she is getting heavy day by day. I know how difficult it is for mothers to carry such a burden for nine months. It is like carrying a baggage 24/7 without the opportunity to put it down. Oh my, the joy and difficulty of motherhood. I have not experienced it yet but my two sisters did. I am worried on the other hand. I feel a knot in my stomach that won't go away no matter how much I try to push it out of my thoughts.

Yesterday, as I am watching my sister, I want to come to her and hug her but I did not do so. I am afraid that she will see my tears. My mind went back to the time when she was seven years old sitting on a chair very much engrossed with her coloring book painstakingly coloring the drawings on every page. And now, she is already a fully grown woman about to give birth to her first baby. At the back of my mind I was wishing that she had not married yet and that we will finish law school together. But well, our fate is not the same. She has ventured into another road and I also took my own journey. Oh God, how much I wanted to cry. I want to see my siblings; to hug and kiss them as the wave of loneliness touched the shore of my heart. This is always the pain that an eldest child has to bear. I may look strong in front of them but deep inside me I am crying. If only we could be together forever; but I know I am wishing for the impossible as they have their own lives to lead. This is the sad truth that I have to live with.

I just got a perfect gift for my very dear friend and classmate Dimple. I thought of it when my office mate opened a printing business that specializes on tarpaulin printing, personalized mugs and anything that could be personalized. He is also venturing into Business Logo Design. It is rather new but he is gaining a lot of customers.

I thought of giving my friend a personalized mouse pad with her picture and that of her husband when I saw my office mate brought a sample in the office. I like it so I ordered one for my friend. I got the picture from her Facebook account without her knowing about it. I am sorry Dimps but I did with a good intention. It was delivered to me the next day and so I was able to give it to her just in time for Christmas. I was so happy seeing her smile. I laughed when she said that she will put it in a frame instead of using it as a mouse pad.

I am very well ready for Christmas. I have prepared 20-peso bills for the kids who will come to our house to sing Christmas carols. I already wrapped my gifts for my sisters. And I am going to have a three-day vacation leave as I am excited for my sister to give birth anytime from today. Since I am going home to my parents for the holiday, I am not sure if I can get online there. So as early as now, I would like to greet all of you who take the time to read this post. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you.
Lately, I noticed that I get uncomfortable whenever I wear my office uniform. It seems like I cannot breath as it is too tight. The buttons of my blouse look like they are going to fly away anytime especially the ones near my tummy area. Yesterday, as I wore my blouse, it does not fit well like it used to do before. It made me feel awkward. Okay, I have to face my problem. I am gaining weight. You see, when I am stressed out, I would eat non-stop like a glutton. I guess my frequent visits to Mc Donald's has a lot to to with my “excess baggage”. It is so disgusting to see my tummy protruding, ewwww!

I looked back at the start of the current year and remembered my New year's resolution. I am so disappointed with myself. Whatever happened to my eat healthy resolve? This morning, I decided that I am going to shed some pounds starting tomorrow. If only I can hire a personal trainer Long Beach to help me with my dilemma. However, thinking of Christmas that is just two days away, makes it more difficult for me to control my food intake. I want to postpone dieting since I feel lazy during holidays. I may not curb my food consumption but I will try best to do some exercise every morning. How I wish there is a fitness class here like Long Beach personal training that I can enroll to. Well, with or without it, I really have to exercise or I will be having a miserable time come January when I have to wear my uniform again.

I went to school early as I have an examination schedule in Criminal Law. Although I have read my book but still I am worried because I am not sure if I have absorbed all that I read.  As I was anxiously waiting for the bell to ring, I talked to my classmates about the exam.   We were discussing about the coverage of the exams which will start from Title One of Revised Penal Code Book Two up to Homicide.  Well, if I am to be asked about the elements of the crimes that we discussed, I can give one of the common elements which is, the offender is a public officer.  The elements of Rebellion are something that I have memorized by heart because of its mnemonics, P.U.T.A. which stands for public uprising and taking up of arms against the government.  This I have learned from my professor in Criminal Law.  Although I have studied my lessons, still I am not confident that I can answer all the questions.  I was fervently praying that a miracle would happen.  That my professor will just say that the exam will be cancelled and will be re-scheduled next year.  I was crossing my fingers.

My professor came to class early.  We fell silent awaiting every word that he will say.  When he opened his mouth to speak, the miracle happened indeed!  He announced that he will make our Christmas merry by postponing the exam and will be re-scheduled later after Christmas break.  All of us inside the room were rejoicing over this new development.  I felt so relieved.  It gave me more time to study.  I went home early with Dimple and her husband.

No time to play as I have an exam tomorrow on Property.  Until next time folks.  God bless.

I woke up late to find that I am the only one who woke up late.  My sister went to work also my other room mate Ate Lanie.  I do not know why but I suddenly felt sad.  So I reached for my book and started reading; trying to forget that today is my birthday.  No food to prepare, no celebration, just reading like I use to do everyday.  When I feel like going to sleep again, I turned on my laptop and well opened my Facebook account.  There I see the first person to greet me was my professor in Obligation and Contracts during my undergraduate years; no other than the Honorable Board Member of the First District of Cotabato Province Atty. Celestino Rapacon.  what an honor to be remembered by one of the people who moulded my mind. 

My sisters Erika, Euvelyn and Eleonor  texted me too. celebration but I am happy.  As of now my wall is being flooded by the greetings of my good friends.  I love you all.  Thank you for making me happy today.  It is priceless.  My sweet friend Zailani has made this card for me.  Thanks Lan. Mwah!

I also have one given by Norhani last Friday but since I do not have my camera with me, I will post it later.  Thank you folks for putting a smile on my face.  

I am counting the days.  Six days more to go and I will be celebrating my birthday.  It is like it was only yesterday that I celebrated my birthday and now I am turning a year older again.  Another chapter of my life is about to open.  I am not worrying.  In fact, I am excited.  I am not afraid to get old although a lot of women fear old age.  There are also women who hide their real age.  Well, not me.  If somebody asks me about my age, I would readily tell how old I am.
Since I started working, I always give myself a gift on my birthday.  No matter how small or big the gift is but if it makes me happy then I would buy it for myself.  Last year, I bought a bracelet and laptop for myself.  This year, I already have an idea for a gift.  I am considering a laptop bag and a bag for my books.  Well anyway, what if I will just buy myself a mantle clock?  Not a bad idea either.  I do not want a party.  I only wanted to celebrate my birthday with my family; nothing luxurious as I am not used to it.  I would rather use my money to pay my tuition that spend it on having a party which is not a good thing to do when you are financially tight.

I believe that my birthday will just pass without doing anything fancy like having a lavish celebration.  What is important is to give thanks to God for giving me another year to live.
My sister Erika turned fifteen yesterday.  It cannot be denied anymore our baby is turning into a lady.  She is very shy now and very conservative. We celebrated her birthday at my sis Euvelyn's house.  She was a little disappointed as my father left for Manila yesterday.  To appease her, I bought this cake especially for her birthday. 

 I can't believe time is flying so fast.  I dread the day that she would come to me and ask if she can already have a boyfriend.  I do not want it to happen this early.  I want her to finish her studies get a degree, have a job and be successful before getting into a relationship.  I do not want her to be like the other young girls who became mothers on their teens as what is the norm these days.  I really want to protect her with all the best I can.  As much as possible, I do not want her to experience the hardship that we experienced in the past.  That is why I do everything that I can being her sister in guiding her as this is what teen-agers like her need.  I always speak to her not only as a sister but a friend.  I always remind her 
of the consequences of early parenthood. I let her learn from the experience of others.  As I always told her, the wise learn not from their own mistakes from the mistakes of others.  she does not need to make a mistake to learn.  I am happy with her choice of friends.  I know sometimes  I am very over protective but this is not for me but for her own good.  Enough of serious stuff.  Let's go to the lighter side.

Yesterday when we bought this cake, the clerk asked us why of all names we wanted to put Meow instead of her real name.  My sister has a lot of pet names and Meow is my favorite and I want her to feel that she is loved by putting her pet name instead of her real name that sounds so formal.  she may grow very old but to me, she will still be my baby.  The little girl that used to hold my hand when crossing the street.  The little girl that I love with all my heart.  My little Meow.
At last, my favorite month of the year finally arrived.  December always excites me for a lot of reasons.  This is the month that I feel like everyday is nothing but all about food.  A lot of families held reunions during this month.  Schools are also  having alumni homecoming like the high school where I graduated; my Alma Mater Notre Dame of Edcor is having a homecoming on the 30th.  I hope I could come.  I think December is all about celebration. 

Why I love December, simply because it is Christmas time.  The atmosphere is different.  Christmas songs can be heard over the radio again and again.  I could play my favorite Eraserheads song, Fruitcake again. For this month, there are a lot to celebrate.  

Let me start with my sister’s birthday on the 4th.  She will be turning 15 already.  How time flies so fast.  My boss’ birthday is on the 8th.  It is also the feast of Immaculate Conception, the patroness of my sleepy home town Alamada. My cousin Melan will be tying the knot on the 10th.  It is also the birthday of my dear friend Romel.  On the 12th is my own birthday (this is the foremost reason why I love December).  And of course, 25th,  Do I have to say it?  Yes, it’s Christmas!  Woot! 

December has its own charm.  People look happy.  Could the Christmas bonus responsible for it?  
Last night my sister texted me that she sent a package via LBC and that it is expected to be delivered today.  As usual I am expecting it to be delivered at our doorstep.  However, this afternoon my officemate in S.K. Pendatun Avenue told me that I have a package waiting for me at the office.  I wondered because I never let my packages be delivered in our office as I am not there all the time.  There are times that I need to report for work in the Hall of Justice since my boss is there.  I asked her where did it came from and she said the name of my sister.  So I texted my sister to inquire about the address she wrote on the package and she said she used my house address as we normally do. 

How this LBC guy delivered my package in the address not written on the package itself?  I do not like what he did as it is not comfortable on my part.  Imagine the hassle, from ORC I have to go to S.K. Pendatun Avenue just to get that package.  I did not really appreciate it.  It is the first time that it happened to me.  It pissed me off.  The house where I live is just on the second floor where LBC Quezon Avenue, Cotabato City branch is located.  Why can’t they just go upstairs and ring the doorbell than going to the office where I do not stay all the time?  They should have followed the wish of the shipper to deliver it right on my doorstep not anywhere else.  I am really thinking of making a report on this.  I don’t want it to happen again to anyone.

Christmas Day is inevitably drawing near.  As inevitable as it is, we also think of the usual things we normally do to make the season more enjoyable.  These thoughts had been going through my mind while I'm having a cup of tea in a some wifi-able cafe in the city.  I was just comfortable browsing through the internet when I my cousin sent me a much needed opps for her blog and whoa! In seconds I am feeling so excited looking at various gift prospects for the season.  Try and see:  

The English Tea Store has all sorts of different sweets for that you can expect for Christmas and more. Of course their traditional fruit cake  which is proudly imported from Great Britain and Irelend and utilizes a select raisin from a white grape that is seedless.  These fruit cakes also comes in 6 different flavors.  Kindly check this site to see for yourself: ( 

Another must try  is the traditional Christmas Crackers which is not only great for Christmas but for all other sorts of occasions that needs some ice breaking and more fun.  You see these are not ordinary crackers, of course they can be eaten but there's something more.  The crackers includes some knick knacks inside that eventually comes as a treat.  Surprise surprise!
I went early to the office yesterday only to be confronted with a heavy traffic along Gov. Gutierrez Avenue.  I had to walk from there to reach our office.  This was due to the event that the whole ARMM Complex is celebrating; the 21st year of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.  There were a lot of people donning attires of different colors.  ARMM employees were having a parade. My eyes were pleased with what I saw and I was fascinated to a great extent. As I was about to enter the gate of ARMM Compound, a beautiful float caught my attention.  It was adorned with different colors and a design depicting the Maranao art.  It looked like a bed of a queen.  It was a shame I did not bring my camera.

I saw the same float again on my way to Pritong Manok for lunch with my officemates Calay, Lheng and Norhani.  Like me, they were also captivated by the beauty of the float and despite the drizzle and the stares we got from people around, we still pose for the camera.  I enjoyed it so much.  After lunch, I saw people crowding the same float and like us, they also took pictures of its captivating beauty.  Well, we went back again to take more pictures and pose to our heart’s content. 

I am sharing here some pictures from yesterday’s frolics.  It was so much fun.   

our best pose ever

side view 

are we modelling these bags or something?

front view

this is me :)

Does it look like it's drizzling?

(photo credits: Lheng dear)

I woke up early to do my laundry.  I have to do it or I will forget to do it again.  It may be a normal Sunday for everyone but not for Filipinos.  Excitement is in the air as today Manny Pacquiao will fight with Mexican Antonio Margarito.    People in the house are being glued to the television as early as eight in the morning.  As I have observed, the vehicles passing in our street is starting to dwindle.  There is a free viewing of the Pacquiao-Margarito fight inside the Shariff Kabungsuan Complex.  Maybe half of the populace of Cotabato City is there.   I can’t wait to see who will win.

Lagao gym in General Santos City will be rocking as usual again.  I can imagine Mommy Dionisia on her knees again fervently praying for her son to win.  Everytime Pacquiao fights, the world stops for the Filipinos around the world.  There has never been a boxer who has this effect on us.  I hope he will win this fight again and bring honor to his country once again.

Finally, I am done washing my clothes.  It’s time to eat breakfast and watch the fight on television.  Take a break guys from whatever you are doing.  Let us witness again how our very own Pacman will bring Margarito on his knees.  Go Congressman!
The last month was so stressful for me.  I paid for my tuition fee so I can take the final examinations.  My bills piled up plus my sister’s allowance and tuition too.  And there are these books that I have to buy for the second semester and oh, there’s my internet which is one month overdue already.  Bills keep pouring like heavy rain while I am waiting for paychecks to come the way a farmer wait for rain in the middle of drought season.  In short, I was financially drained. 

When enrollment for the second semester started last week, I did not enroll right away as I was thinking where to get funds for it.  I was wishing then that I could avail of payday loans online as it seems like it is the only answer to my financial problem.  Good thing our educational allowance arrived like manna from heaven so I was able to enroll last Tuesday.  Thanks God for answering my prayer.

Everytime I needed money, I would always wish that it was not invented at all.  As I have observed, it is always the answer to everyone’s problem.  I never met anyone who has no financial problem.  I feel stressed even by just listening to them talk about their predicament.  Can anyone invent something that could replace money?
Enrollment for the second semester started last week but it was only yesterday that I got officially enrolled. Since it was office hours, I asked permission from my boss and gladly, she said yes. I headed straight to school but to my dismay, the business office was already closed and I cannot pay the required fees anymore. I went home with my friend Dimple who was also there. She dropped me off at my boarding house.

Today, I went home to school ahead of the class schedule only to find people in the lobby of Nepomuceno Building where we hold classes. It is because the lawyers are having their Mandatory Continuing Legal Education at the Tanghalang Michael Clark. We have our class in Criminal Law with the dean as our professor. He shared his experiences as a lawyer and we had fun listening to him. Our next meeting will be on Friday. As usual we are going to have a recitation on the first 20 articles of the Revised Penal Code (Book 2) and I am starting to get nervous again. Out of 20+ students, there were only eight of us who were present. I hope the class attendance will improve tomorrow.

I went home with a headache. This is not because of my class. I think this is due to the scorching heat. I always have a headache when the weather is so hot. Good thing my sister is with me, so I got the luxury of massage with love hehehe…I feel better now and started reading my book again. I have to be prepared or else……

Have you ever seen a ring it made your jaw drop in awe?Well i did when I was able to click on  They have a wide variety of wedding bandsAnniversary Rings  and Engagement Rings.  The site does not only show you simple rings.  They are high quality rings crafted in detail into perfection. You can look up the rings and fit with different stones for better appearance and suitability of taste.  As if that is not enough they also feature a refine listings of different rings tailored for every occasion and individual needs. The delicate details of their rings shown on the site are so exquisite that it shows nothing less than grandeur.  Surly a priced possession that can be received from somebody that you are going to live with for the rest of your life.  It does not only signify togetherness but eternal commitment.  These rings are not only worth keeping they are also meant to be a family legacy.  Its elegance is worth passing it down into future generations.  It is one of those jewelry that you can keep for a lifetime and still kept untarnished.  One that stays forever. One of a kind.
(This post is a little late for gift opening, since Dong's birthday is way over weeks ago but nonetheless a story still.  So...)

After all the fuzz and buzz of Dong's birthday, things got finally cooled down and it's time for Dong to open his gifts.  He got lots of it actually but among all the other gifts he chose a tiny one to open by himself.  He just randomly picked it up and tried tearing the wraps off.  It is a square, small gift.  After all the wraps were torn, everything that's inside are tucked into a 2 inch-wide cardboard which was formed into a rectangle to fit one tiny tow truck looking toy and two whistles.  It doesn't look odd at all to think that it came from his god sister Sam.  Dong must have liked it so much because from the time it was opened until bedtime he still tinkered with it. Something small but it  made him stick to it.
What hit me is that children shows the purest of beatitudes, in this case humility.  A present does not need to be so grand and expensive to be loved and create a spot in one's heat.  All it takes is the passion and the gusto of wrapping it in order for it to be offered to someone dear.
It’s been months now that I am thinking of having my other blog web hosted but until now it still remains a thought swimming inside my head.  A lot of my friends say that it is far better than having a free web host.  When I was new to blogging, I do not have any idea about web hosting services.  However, through reading some informative materials and articles I have learned that it is helpful especially if you are in business who wanted to promote your product in the worldwide market.  If you have your own website, it can help your product gain exposure. 

Web hosting plays a big part for a business to flourish or for products become known.  It is type of internet hosting service that lets the website accessible via the worldwide web.  Web hosts are the ones who provide this kind of service.  They do it by providing a space on a server they owned and maintained.  They can also do it through colocation.  Web hosts use this in connecting to the internet and providing a data center space for servers that they don’t own to be located in their data center.

One of the best web hosts that offer web hosting services is Superb.  They are using the latest hardware in managing dedicated servers and they can have it customize to suit your needs with the help of their highly skilled technical experts. A client can also expect a managed hosting that secures his website from security breaches that sometimes can lead to disaster like legal liability and negative media exposure (this is one thing that a business should avoid) and a lot more.  

This is all for now guys.  I hope you learn something from me.  If you want detailed information about the benefits of web hosting, check out today.

After courting sleep, now the time has come that it started to give in.  I can feel my eyes closing but I have to finish this up.  However, there is a thought that keeps bugging me since Wednesday.  I have read two old cases that arose from the misunderstanding of siblings because of the inheritance left by the parents.  It is sad to contemplate how these material possessions can turn siblings into enemies instead of supporting one another and promote common welfare.  However, people changed when it comes to money and material things.  Money or material possessions are good things and blessings from God but to use it in hurting our fellow human being most especially our own flesh and blood is not.  A lot of times I have read of a sibling killing the other so that he can have all the fortune that their parents left to them.  Truly the love of money is the root of all evil as a person can do unimaginable things just to get what they want.

I have six siblings and I am glad that my parents are poor and have nothing to leave us but our education.  No jewelries to have or land to own, so we do not have something to fight over with.  We treat each other with equality due to a sibling.  I just hope nobody will change in the future.  I do not want to suffer the same fate of the people involved in the case I have mentioned above.
This is all for now guys.  Good night.  This is Len signing off. God bless :)

As inevitable as it is families need to go on vacation every once in a while.  It is a kind of stress release from the year round joggle that each and every member went through.  It can be a father's much needed rest from busy office schedules, a mother's gift from daily house chores to as simple as the kid's  break from gruesome homeworks.  For whatever reason there is that a vacation is needed there is one thing that we need to put into consideration first before be leave our home, alone... It is the present times' home alarm systems.  It feels good to think of staying away for vacation but it is much better to feel at ease when we know for sure that our own home is burglar safe.

Choosing the best home security systems depends on finding the right home alarm companies.  You can check here:  This site offers a reliable directory of companies that can provide a trustworthy labels of alarm systems for the safety of our own houses. To those who are new to these alarm systems, the site also provided a  brief definitions about security systems.  Now that's a good way to start feeling secured.

What our home alarm systems can do to help secure our homes can be countless. It can of course alarm us if somebody breaks into our house.  Even if we are away we can also get alarmed since home security systems nowadays can be set  to provide cellular back up. May it be heat, motion or smoke sensors they all play their part.  Forget the hassle of false alarms instead, think that every alarm is worth every waking hours.  What if the alarm is real, then you get on top of the situation.  Better safe than sorry.

It seems my cousin cannot stop writing about her son.  So I let her do her thing here.  I guess her entry will be as regular as mine in the days to come.  Here’s another one for you to read.  I hope you will like it.  

In my feat to pick the right toy for dong that he can't break in less than 24 hours, I came to a store that sells items for less than 99 pesos.  First I found a fifteen inch long sturdy toy race car with big wheels and somewhat hard body.  Which was a good find since it was the first toy car that Dong was not able to break yet. 

As I go along the racks, what I found was a big snoopy coin bank.  Or can we say snoopy bank? It serves as a toy for one and a coin bank too! But it would serve a better purpose.  Since Dong is not so much into playing those kinds of toys, it would be suited better to put his own savings into.  He dropped his first ten peso coin in it the other day.  I will just drop some more everyday and then he would come to think he filled his bank with coins (winks). Now that cannot be another toy down but another ten down.  Now that sounds better. 

Join me as I share to you my motherhood adventures with my son.

I can’t sleep eventhough I want to. Sleepiness is evading me again. I have been trying to court it two hours ago with no success. I feel a little dizzy like I am going to have flu. I hope not as I am going to General Santos City tomorrow to buy my books for the second semester. Or maybe I just can’t sleep because I feel excited to see Gensan again after a year. The last time I was there was to attend Lola Estring’s birthday. She is my father’s aunt. I will also see my Ate Euni who was my mentor during my early Citi Hardware days. That was exactly five years ago.

It was October 2005 when I was transferred to Citi Hardware Gensan after a short stint in Citi Hardware Bajada. This is for me to learn everything I have to learn in the store operations. All I have of Gensan is happy memories I shared with the people that I met and became my friends. This is where I feel I am home next to my very own place. This is the place where I can go anywhere without any fear that somebody might hurt me. I together with my two other friends would go to the market after work and I would enjoy the fruits that was so cheap that I want to buy and take them all home. The only thing I don’t like about this place is the dust and the heat. It feels like desert sometimes. But I forgot all that when I think that this place is the hometown of People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao and their abundant tuna industry.

A few months before Dong's second birthday, he has developed a liking to playing toy cars. It started when I gave brought him a toy phone.  Yes you heard it right, a phone. Then why did Dong liked to play toy cars because I bought him a toy phone? Because his toy phone has wheels and goes like a toy car and honks as it moves too! From then on, every time we go to the mall and go to the toys section he picks a toy car for himself and I have no other choice but to buy one for him every time too! 

Remembering that all the previous toys I've bought for him were all broken I thought of buying him small and cheap ones so he can destroy them one by one, buying me some more time to buy another set of toys. This time I bought him 4 smaller toy cars.  Just when I thought I've seen a solution for Dong's toy destruction spree he came to me the next morning and played with his new toy cars.  One was cracked across the middle and the other three has no front wheels. With wheels or no wheels, he still played with them... Now I', thinking bigger solid toys.. wonder how many days it would take him to break it down... hahahaha..

Giving importance to education is one thing that I learned from my parents especially my father.  I remember that every time before we go to sleep, he would ask me and my siblings if what our lesson is for that day in school and that if we studied already before going to sleep.  He would then browse our respective notebook then ask us if we really review our notes.  If he is not satisfied with our answers, he would let us sit again and study our notes.  No matter how we wanted to sleep but out of fear of our father, sleepiness went away just like magic.   

My father has not gone far beyond high school education but for him there is no Standard form of education.  He said you can be educated even if you are not in school.  Experience has a lot to teach according to him. He would read anything that comes in handy.  I just wonder, would I experience and learn to solve linear equations even if I am not in school?  Well anyway, my first math teacher was my mother.  It is her who taught me how to divide using basic things like sticks and stones. My parents are my first teachers.  It was only when I was in first grade that I learned about the difference between odd and prime numbers.  That is how my education was founded.  

Education system has gone a long way since then.  There are a lot of changes since I graduated.  These days, I notice a lot of parents are hiring tutors for their children; one tutor for every subject.  I used to think before that only slow learners need tutors as they cannot cope up with the class’s phase.  But now, even those who excel are hiring tutors.  Now I understand that this is for them to be ahead of the class.  According to one student that I asked, her mom hired a tutor for Pre Algebra and she benefited a lot from it.  Having prepared herself, her relationship with Algebra became smooth sailing.  I never got the chance to experience this thing.  Unlike her, this subject for me was a nightmare of my childhood.  Algebra equations look like ancient script to me or some alien secret message that I have to decipher before fully comprehending.

If you can see yourself in my shoes, it is time for you to take advantage of the latest development in learning, which is online tutoring.  Even a college or K-12 students now can avail of this.  There are a lot of online tutoring services available these days that cover different subjects.  One of these is which will help you boost your learning ability at an affordable rate and in a convenient manner.  Every student can connect to a tutor whenever they need help with subjects that they think are difficult for them especially regarding Math Questions.   At there is an online tutor for every student available for students unlike others who offer the same services that you still have to arrange the time and date with an online tutor.  An online tutor is also like your regular tutor but he or she will not sit beside you the student.   Their only connection is thru the computer taking advantage of the internet connection.  I like this new development in learning.  I am just wondering, can I hire a tutor for my criminal law subject?

It's another four o'clock habit for Dong yesterday and we had to go out and play.  It has been days that his playmates weren't home because they had to go somewhere and visit their grandmother and baby Dong was left to play with our two-month old neighbor Hyacinth.  Then today as we were walking towards the park his playmates luckily made it home in time for their afternoon chaos.

Dong's playmates were Lian, Alen and Sandra all siblings.  Lian the eldest, Alen next and Sandra the youngest among the three.  They were all happy to see each other evidently missing their afternoon plays.  Instead of going to the park, we decided to stay at their lawn. They were all happily chasing each other when suddenly Lian thought of something while holding a blue rope she was playing with in a while.  She put the ends together and said "Let's play chu-chu train!".  And so she gathered all three of them inside the tied rope (Dong excluded since he doesn't want to).  Then they all walked through the lawn saying "Chu-chu train".  As if it's a real train, one acts as a driver and the others are passengers who sometimes wants to get off the train.  They all look funny and were actually having fun just doing that.  

When finally all of them got tired.  They all sat down on the grass and drank some cold glass of water.  All that and another 4 o'clock fun was made..

I have been planning to build my own house since the beginning of last year.  I have no idea whatsoever of whatever design the house would consist.  Until one house plan was shown to me by my husband, it was made my his friend who is an architect.  The design was minimalistic with colors that are only black and white involve.  Then it brought me to realize that the design actually fits my almost all white wardrobe.  I have mostly white clothes than any other color there is.  You can call it boring but white just has an effect on me.  It makes me feel clean and comfortable.

As I was scanning through the plan. I noticed a white console table placed inside a library looking section of the plan.  It looks so appealing to me.  On the other hand, the kitchen fixtures are either in off-white marble or silver which much more contributes to its clean look. If that design will be  realized, hopefully it would be, I think I would feel like I'm living in a house that is in winter all the time. Winter because in my mind white always shows a cool feeling, airy and fresh...

These are not my own words but my cousin’s.  That is for sure because I do not have a husband yet hehehe…  she is enjoying her stint here.  Actually she enjoyed writing for me since I am always busy with so many things these days. 

“He who has less in life should have more in law.”
                                                              -President Ramon Magsaysay 

I thought this day would be an idle day for me since it is Friday however, I was wrong.  We had three cases of small claims.  I consider it as our baptism of fire since it is the first time that the court where I am employed handled small claims actions.  

I do not know if every Filipino is aware that small claims exists.  This so-called Small Claims is the Supreme Court’s initiative to settle money dispute that is not more than One Hundred Thousand Pesos.  This is a process of settling an issue arising from a simple contract legally without the participation of lawyers.  This also aims to reduce the backlogs of the courts of civil cases involving collection of money.  The jurisdiction to hear Small Claims cases belongs to the lower courts except the Sharia courts.   This is a speedy process of collecting money since the judgment is rendered within the same day that the case is heard.(This is the reason why I had lunch around 1 pm already hehehe)

This procedure only involves the judge who acts as both the lawyer of both the plaintiff and the defendant (well, that is how my boss puts it).  The judge acts as the arbiter hearing both sides of the plaintiff and defendant who in turn would lay down their terms on how to satisfy the subject obligation arising from the contract they executed until they come to terms that suits the interest of both sides.  After forging an amicable settlement, the same would be reduced into writing for the parties to sign.  Having done so, they would then seek the Court’s approval by way of a Motion for Approval of Amicable Settlement.  If the Court finds the settlement lawful and not contrary to law, morals, public policy and public order, it would grant the same.  Then judgment would be rendered based on the terms of the amicable settlement of the parties.   Well of course before you reach this stage, you have to go to a lower court to ask for the details of how to file a case regarding small claims.   I do not know if I left out any details.  I am just relating the procedure that I witnessed.

This is for every ordinary Filipino who cannot afford the services of a lawyer.  If I were you, I would take advantage of it since it is free saved for some minimal fees to be collected by the Court.  I think this is one way of showing the nation that the judiciary is also upholding the principle that those who have less in life should have more in law. 

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I am a person who loves colognes and perfumes. My favorite scents vary but I go for something that has a sweet and fruity smell. Johnson Baby Cologne was my favorite as a child. As I grow up, so is my love for perfumes and colognes. I have began to like Baby Bench Jelly Bean and Her Bench Tickled Pink, that until now still rank among my top 5 favorites. Victoria's Secret ranks as my No. 1. My favorites among its scents are Sweet Daydream and Strawberries and Champagne, which I am presently using.

Baby Bench Jelly Bean has a scent that will make one smell like a baby that lasts the whole day. Sweet Daydream makes me feel like I'm surrounded by fruits and flowers. That when I close my eyes, I can imagine myself in the middle of a garden during the spring.
  I only wonder what is the scent of the one they call funny perfume.

In as much as I like them, I can't wear them as much as I want because my boss is allergic to anything with scent especially colognes and perfumes. So every time I go to work, I only spray just enough to have a hint of scent. I can only indulge myself when I'm going out with friends which rarely happen. :(

I favor mild scents as they work best for me. I don't like perfumes with strong smell as they can trigger my headache. And worse sometimes, they render me difficulty in breathing. So if you're wearing a strong smelling perfume, please be sensitive enough to avoid me or else you will end up killing me. :)
I have always heard of people utilizing many sort of mapping such as network mapping for better control and access of certain establishment's systems, population mapping which is used to project or show density of occupants in an area, sites maps which are used to direct people of a specific structure within a community and there are other types of direction showing tools that are categorized as mapping.

In today's post, it is medical mapping.  It made an impact to me because this is first time that I was able to read about something like this.  Thanks to healpth. Mapping such as these has great benefits to the populace surrounding the area included in the map.  Medical Mapping includes names of medical doctors with their own specialties and their location within the state that they are in.  It also includes the specific city that these doctors can be found along with the hospitals that they are affiliated with.  Now that offers convenient access to our medical doctor's availability in times of medical emergencies.  Finding a the right doctor  the quickest way offers such comfort to somebody in great need of one in a certain situation.  It offers some kind of assurance to the populace that a doctor is within reach.  This kind of mapping can also help someone with an an illness prepare themselves for the worst. It is not that we are asking for it but it is better prepared and ready at all times. Now those are some apparent benefits of medical mapping. 

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and everybody is excited.  We are all going to McDonald's for Dong's Birthday!  The party is at 3pm so everybody has to be ready to go at exactly 2 pm, traffic and travel time calculated.  We were smoothly driving when the first glitch has came up. We almost forgot the cake!!! and so we went back to our house to get it. duh! We reached the place at about quarter to three so we still have time to just sit and relax for a bit.. When I checked at the counter they allowed us to go in so the kids can take their places.  At exactly three pm there are still kids coming so we waited for a bit.. 3:30 came and everybody was in so we get the party started.

Fist up are the kid's names written on their party caps. Then goes the famous "Mc ready na ba kau?" line of the host and so the kids go "Mc ready na!".. The host started the longest fishing rod game of linking straws together and whoever makes the longest link of straws wins.  Dong was also so excited even if he does not understand what everybody is doing he just enjoys seeing a lot of kids around him.  Since he does not know what to do he just pops around from somewhere and tries to untangle the already linked straws that so added a challenge to the other kids.  But still somebody managed to get away with it and won! So the games went on with lots of yelling, shouting and loads of laughing. Its not only the kids who enjoyed but adults too.. Ninong's and Ninang's plus their kids also get along with the fun id trying to help their kids make something for the game.  It is so humbling how kids smile with just a simple pencil as a prize.

Five games or so later the kids are hungry and so are the parents.. lol.. So it's time to eat.  All sat down and have a nice hearty meal of burgers, spaghetti, sundaes and other a la carte combos.  When everybody has eaten their meals the host ask the kids if they are ready to see and meet Dong's special guests.  And then they were pooled at the center.  To keep the excitement growing, the host counted from 10 to 1.. And then Ronald Mc Donald's mascot together with Grimace came into the door.  Its so hilarious to see not only kids but adults get excited and wore smiles when the two cam in. All the kids came around and everybody wants a picture taken with the character, the over powering joy lasted for about 30 minutes.  Although Dong's was a bit anxious maybe from the mascot's size or color but he can't stay still and won't play with them either.. but then he still keeps smiling and laughing

When the mascots left the kids were asked to form a line for another round of toy give aways. We had much fun in the party that the cake was almost forgotten. lol.. Who cares about the cake when everybody is all over the place.  We ended the party at around 6 o'clock when its supposed to end at 5,lol.. Im just glad there is no other party after our one so we have enough time to send everybody home to finally say our goodbyes.. And that was how Dong's 2nd birthday went.. All fun. 
Self defense is a method of protecting one's self from any kind of physical threat or danger.  Nowadays even women must learn certain methods that belongs into that category in to order protect oneself from danger.  We must admit that in this century, bad elements does not only try to endanger men but more so women thinking that women are much weaker and that can be taken down more easily than men.  Well, it is one's prerogative on how to find methods to protection from those lawless flukes.  For one, pepper spray---small but effective. A simple pepper spray can also be a simple object of escape.  Until these days no article had been published saying that a certain kind of crook can withstand a small pepper spray. When using it always remember to aim good and target the face area-the eyes can be a very god spot.  Do not aim when the opponent's attention is fully directed, at you it can be an advantage when the assailant is a caught unaware.  When the squirting was done... Run! 

Another object that should be commended because of its effectiveness are the stun guns.  It is not at all a gun that would work when aimed.  It can only work when in contact with the assailant's body.  If used in the right time and in the right way, its can temporarily make a person immobile because of the high-voltage electric shock that it sends through the opponents body.  It would work when put in contact with the opponent's body.  The main target of the contact should be those areas where great concentration of nerves are located like the  upper hip, below the rib cage or the upper shoulders (armpit).  It should be held at the area as long as possible to stun the opponent.  Hence the name "stun gun".

It is inevitable that at certain times some women needs to walk on dark alleys and streets when going home or for others it's a schedule they have to endure.  It is always advisable to be ready "ready to run at any time".  So a good comfortable womens boots is a must during those times.  Since it is better to run when boots than in stilts.


You Are Gracious and Amicable

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.

You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.

At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.

You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.

Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.

You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.

You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.

You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.

You have the classic "Type A" personality.

Since time immemorial women had been using various types of clothing that are figure enhancing or for support. Before the 19th century corset was the fad in showing one's curves and figure, but then the idea of the methods done in wearing it makes the wearer weary.  Luckily in the nineteenth century brassieres were created and it had since replaced the role of corset as a figure enhancer and as a breast support for women. Nowadays it is has become a more common necessity for women all over the world, from all walks of life.  Since the creation of the first bra a lot has been done to improve its look, style and "wear-ability".  It is given this much important as this underwear is one you can consider a woman’s best friend considering that it is the closest thing next to her skin.

The modern bras now are made to suite every woman’s needs.  It can be made from satiny soft cloth made for comfort or firm padded under wired garment for better push-up and figure enhancement purposes.  Brands had flooded the market today, it ranges from simple affordable ones to those that are highly sophisticated and intricately made. One of the brands that float in the market today is the Olga bras.

These days not only the women are meticulous when it comes to underwear.  Guys are also joining the fad of underwear revolution.  They become fashionable too with their underwear.  Jockstraps now come with an accessory cup to protect their genitalia.  This is usually used by men who are physically active or engaged in sports. 

I do not know what will be the future of underwear industry but judging on the development so far, I can say that it is getting more exciting.
These are the people that I am always with from Monday to Friday nights, sometimes even during Saturdays, my classmates in the College of Law.

And I thought, this pose is exclusively for the girls.

Took advantage of the time that our professor went out of the room.

With our Professor, Atty. Leo Lizada.

I took this picture, so naturally I am not here. hehehe

Our class had a seminar on Persons and Values this morning.  I was very early and I waited for almost thirty minutes before I saw my professor, Atty. Lizada approaching.   I was so nervous as I did not see even one of my classmates but was relieved when I saw our class president Hajar coming.  I wondered where the rest of my classmates are.  I called my friend Dimple but she was still on the way to school.  At around 8:30 a.m. one by one they started coming in to my relief.  I thought it would just me and Hajar who would be attending the seminar.  It was from Rohina that I learned that they were thinking the seminar is at 8:30 and not 8 a.m.
Well, anyway we had fun.  We group ourselves into three and started our discussion on values.  We spent half day listening to our professor talking about nothing but values.  I felt hungry so I look for food inside my bag.  While I was searching my bag, I found out that I brought my camera so we also had fun taking pictures everytime our professor and lecturer at the same time go out of the room and then behave ourselves when he comes back.  It was so much fun.  I never felt like this in months of studying. Heheh  I want to thank all my classmates.

I will try to post our pictures here tomorrow as my internet connection is very slow tonight.  I do not know what is the problem again.   Good night for now guys.