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This article was written by my very good friend Jason and posted here with his permission. And I agree to everything that he said. It is not only applicable to the youth of America but to all nations all over the world. I hope our brilliant politicians would make a law on these to produce a stronger and responsible generation not the rotten, spoiled kids that we have today. Read on to know what this great mind has to say.


For longest time Americans have been required to obtain licenses. It is required to get a license to drive a car, to get married, to travel to other countries, or even to catch a fish. Since the beginning of time parents have learned how to raise children by nothing more than just experience. Most unsuspecting parents get a big surprise soon after the baby is born when they realize they have no idea what to do. As a result, more and more people continue to have and then raise children the best way they know how and often times it turns out to be a disaster. Children in modern America are growing up spoiled, undisciplined, and with no direction or ambitions. As a result those children grow into adults who walk around life waiting for others to hand them achievements for doing nothing important. Most of those adult are lost people who can’t decide what direction to take their lives or worse, surrender all their decision making to a spouse who completely runs their life.

The time has come in our society to take back our children and as parents learn to guide and mold our children into productive, confident, and goal drive individuals who believe in working hard to get ahead in the world. Not the lazy breed we have now who feels like because they woke up this morning and put a pair of pants on they should be greatly rewarded. But how do we go from the pit of despair to the peak of achievement? The answer is parental licensing.

The concept is very simple and in my view will save millions of lives in future generations. In a world where parents are locking children in a closest while they go to work or leaving their children in a car while they shop, something needs to be done. I propose a licensing system for all people who want to become parents. Here is how it will work. This system will be in place for first time parents. To be able to obtain a license the mother or couple must attend no less than 24 hours of approved parenting classes. These classes will cover the first 5 years of the child’s life (the most important and crucial years) and will cover such topic like “What to expect when the baby is born” to “how to discipline: The dos and don’ts” and topics like “exercise and nutrition of the baby” and many others. Once 24 hours of parenting classes have been completed (2 hours a week for 12 weeks) the mother or couple can pay their $25 fee and receive their license.

Getting their license before becoming pregnant is preferred but if pregnancy occurs unintentionally then the mother or couples have until the baby is born to get their license to be in compliance. Once a mother or couples have their license they are in compliance to have children per the government. To maintain their license the mother or couple must renew it every year by taking 2 hours of more advanced parenting courses that will be specific to the age of their children and pay a small $5 renewal fee for the year.

Those couples not in compliance with the new licensing laws will be subject to very stiff penalties. If a mother or couple fail to complete the 24 hours of parenting course and fail to pay the $25 fee by the time the child is born, first time offender will be subject to a fine of $1500. They then have 1 year to fall into compliance by completing the parenting course and paying the fee. On the child’s first birthday if the parents have not fallen into compliance they face a fine of $3000. The mother or couple then has six months to fall into compliance. If the parents have failed to fall into compliance by the child’s 18 month mark the parents risk the chance of losing the child to the state and possibly up to 1 year in prison.

Fines for failing to fall into compliance will be aggressively collected by either withholding any tax returns or garnishing the offender’s wages until the total debt is collected. The funds collected will go directly into funding our educational systems at all levels.

These measure need to be put in place to ensure our future generates of children are raise by people who have been educated on how to handle raising children in today’s world. This system will develop more confident and educated parents which will result in happier, well adjusted, goal oriented and internally motivated, productive children and young adults. Everyday that goes by that does not have a program like I have proposed in place, is another day of potential parenting disaster. These programs are a necessity if we want to advance as a society, a nation, and ultimately as a planet.

There he goes folks.  I hope you like it the way I do.
My friend Issa called me a few days ago complaining about having lack of sleep for days. In her quest to have a comfortable sleep, she bought a Down Comforter sets for her and also for her mom who is coming to visit her. She used it last night and she said it was really a comfort especially that it is very cold now in the place where she works. She is happy as her mom will be coming over. She already prepared the room that her mom would use the moment she arrived. She furnished the said room to impress her mom and for her to enjoy her vacation. Her mom do not like the cold so she exerted efforts to by making the room warm with the hotel bedding sets she could choose from. She wants to treat her like a queen as she loves her very much. So sweet of her and they are both lucky to have each other.
The latest craze in my best friend’s life is game downloading. He is a video game aficionado as long as I can remember. Just the other day, I was wondering why he has not called, I was all this worried about him. Only to be told the next day that he was busy adding a lot of games to his collection which he downloaded from the game torrents search engine. He was so excited about it and he made me come over to their house. He was bragging about this Queen Torrent where he got the games which is already on his computer. He said this is his new discovery while browsing the pages on the internet. He let me play some of them but I decided that it is for him and not me so I contented myself by simply watching him play while teasing me that I will get bored as it has no pink colors in it. But very considerate of him to think of me, he downloaded music and movies for me! He said he wanted it to be his surprise for me to make up for what happened yesterday. He knows how much I love music and movies and he thought what he did for me could appease me. And it really did. This Queen Torrent is very versatile because of the endless choice of video games, music, videos and software you can choose from.
Time really flies so fast. The month of January is about to end without me noticing about it and February, the so-called month of love is already approaching. With that is the celebration of Valentine’s Day. It is the occasion that most lovers are so excited about. It is also during this time that the flowers, chocolates, balloons and a lot more of Valentine’s Day gifts are very popular.

My fondest memory of this day is when I was between seven to eleven years old. I used to make personalized cards using a coupon bond and red art paper cut into the shape of a heart and then I will put my message inside then give it to my mother. So far, I cannot remember giving my father some cards; only my mother. When I was in high school, I still made cards but this time not only for my mother but also for my friends. I would use cute red little ribbons and felt paper and make a small 3D hearts for them. It was really fun to give other people those things that I really worked hard to make. Now, I am no longer making cards. I only greet my mother and friends verbally or by sending them text messages or sometimes using electronic cards. This time, it is my sister Erika who religiously gives cards for this occasion. I collected all the cards she is giving me for the past years because I consider those cards as her labor of love. They may not look very attractive but the hard work exerted by my sister is already enough to make those cards very beautiful compare to the ones being printed and sold at the malls. Seeing her unsteady scribbles on those cards makes me cry. As always, it is the thought that counts.

I just came back from the watching Boys Over Flowers in the living room. For the benefit of those who do not know what is this show, it is a Korean series about four rich guys and an average girl. And tonight, the same series ended. It is an adaption of the Taiwanese Meteor Garden that was aired here in the Philippines way back in 2003. Both these shows were dubbed in Tagalog for the Filipinos to understand the language. I was not really a fan of this Korean F4, as I like the Taiwanese F4, Dao Ming especially Mei Zhou or Vaness Wu. I can remember those days when I was going gaga over those cute Taiwanese guys. I love San Cai (Barbie Xu) as her character was feisty. Watching Boys Over Flowers makes me walk down the memory lane again.

I can’t help laughing when I saw my diary which has the following entry on May 23, 2003:

“Believe it or not, I am now hooked to Meteor Garden! It is a tv series that is selling as hot cakes these days. I can see their posters everywhere I look. You may think of it as being shallow but I don’t care. All I know is that Dao Ming Shi and Mei Zhou are so cute! I love Dao Meng Se’s character. He does what he says, a bad boy but deep inside a loving lonely soul. I love the series as a whole. It is fast-paced that if you fail to watch one episode, you will be confused the next time you watch it.

I thought F4 means Fantasy Forever. However, do you know what I just learned? That is not what it means but F4 stands for Flower Four. Oh my, why can’t they think of a better name for them? Still I like this bunch of Taiwanese cuties namely Vaness Wu (Wu Jian Hao), Jerry Yen, Vic Zhou (Zhou Yu Min) and Ken Zu. I don’t know if I spell them right. I am not good in memorizing Taiwanese names. These cuties captured my heart. I love Vaness’ super cute eyes. I feel like a delirious teen, but who cares? Only these few pages know about my thoughts.”

I was really so crazy over that show. I even put Vaness’ poster next to my bed. Until now it is still there. As it is a reminder of my younger days. Those are the days that I can’t bring back anymore.
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Our office specifically the courtroom is undergoing a series of renovation, which has started last December 2009. Today, people from General Services Office drop by to check and install one air conditioning unit. I am glad that the old one has been disposed of already. To be honest, it really looked like it belonged to the Jurassic era. Yesterday, they came by to check on the lay out that my boss designed herself and now they are making estimates for it. I am very happy with the news that my boss imparted to us. By March, we will be having a new set of office tables and chairs from the USAID together with two units of computers. I am excited to see the outcome of these changes. I am glad that my boss is very creative and has overflowing ideas when it comes to home designs and layouts. She is not an engineer, interior designer or architect but she knows a lot about their work. So lucky for her to be born with this exceptional talent. Do I have to mention that she is also a great judge and a second mother to all her employees? Well, she really is. She makes us all feel that. I really admire her.
Want to see the movies you missed at the theater? No need to worry. is there to let you catch up on that must see movie you are yearning to watch. I myself am a self-confessed movie addict. Everytime I missed a film I am supposed to watch, I go to the net and look for it on It is where you can watch movies online and the trailers of upcoming movies. And minus the hassle of going to the cinema to compete with other people for a seat or just be disappointed as all the seats were already reserved. It happened to the most of the time and it is very frustrating. Glad to have found I can watch movies now at the comfort of my own home. In fact just recently, I have watched Avatar at home while others are competing for seats on the cinemas all over the world. Try visiting the site today and I guarantee you a 100% satisfaction and surely you will come back for more as it is very addictive.

There are no survivors on the plane accident that happened. All of them died. As what I heard from the news, this nomad plane of the Philippine Air Force is already 34 years old. According to the news these plane came to the Philippines from Australia in 1976. It was in 1995 that they stopped its production because of so many production flaws. The Australians even referred to it as “Widow Maker” because of so many lives claimed by this kind of aircraft. How can you expect a very old plane to function on the twilight of his life?

It is so horrible even to contemplate that those men were completely roasted inside the aircraft. From their normal height, their bodies shrunk to a mere two feet. Can you imagine that? Many lives have been wasted including a very young lieutenant who just came out from the Philippine Military Academy. My brother said, it was only last week that he had a conversation with him while attending a wedding in Zamboanga City. He was so young and full of life, there are still a lot of dreams he could realized if not for that accident. I hope the government would modernize the Armed Forces. As of this moment, we only have three remaining nomad planes and all of them are grounded as I am writing this. We also have few C130 cargo planes. So few that you can even count them on the fingers of your hands.

Since I was in high school, I already heard of this military modernization program. However, until now that I already reached this age that so-called modernization is yet to come. A lot of life has been wasted on the battlefield; do we still have to waste the lives of our men in uniform in accidents because of our defective, old and out dated aircrafts?

As I am browsing the net right now, I can hear a lot of helicopters surrounding our area. I am perplexed because I did not hear about the news that a VIP is coming here. My officemate texted me saying that an Air Force plane crashed just in our vicinity. I asked my brother about it and he confirmed the same. He told me that it was a nomad six seater plane owned by the Philippine Air Force that carries military officers including a general. It took off from the Awang Airport at around 11:35 a.m. As of now there is no news if the crew and passengers are alive. It looked like there is no survivor as the aircraft is in total wreck. It is really terrible. I have no idea what could have gone wrong. The authorities are still in the process of determining it as the black box have not yet recovered. I have to watch the afternoon news later

As I have said in my previous post that I really hate smokers and cigarettes as I know that smoking is not good to our health. I never knew that there is a healthy way of smoking now. Yes you read it right. There is already an alternative to the present cigarettes in the market. There is this so called e-smoke available nowadays that I believe would replace the conventional cigarettes we are used to. This electronic smoking uses a device that provides a small amount of nicotine when inhaled. It is one of the latest health fads in the year 2009.  Smokers Joy are one of the leading companies which provides this latest innovation. They have the best electronic cigarettes in South Africa. You can smoke anywhere using it without disturbing other people who do not want it as it has no danger of making other people a secondhand smoker. It has the same effect as an ordinary cigarette only that it is healthier compared to it.

Just recently, I noticed that my hair is already starting to get unruly again. I cannot keep it in place like I used to do. The problem of having an unkempt hair is making me very conscious about it. I feel like a witch when I cannot keep my hair properly. So I decided to have it done at a nearby saloon and bought new ornaments for my hair. Yesterday, I bought hair clips for it so it won’t go my eyes and distract me when I am doing my work. I am so use to a head band, so this time I thought of using clips for a change. Today, I will be using my hair clips for the first time after almost two years. It is really a must to take care of our hair. As much as possible, I rarely style my hair. I want it to be as natural as possible. I only have it rebonded twice a year and I never color it; I just maintain its natural black. I am afraid it would become brittle from so much styling I am also taking vitamins to take care of it. I always use shampoo and conditioner on it to avoid those icky, itchy and flaky things called dandruff. Ewww…..
I woke up very early. Though I try to go back to sleep but I can’t do anymore. Well, I got nothing to do so I started blogging. I am getting hook to it now. It is kind of addictive. It is better like this than do nothing. It is Thursday already. Time flies very fast, I can already see the weekend coming. I love weekends. And next week it will be another month again. It seems like we just celebrated the New Year yesterday and all of a sudden, it is already February. Little did I know it would be December already and then I have to bid goodbye again to this year and welcome another. You cannot notice the time if you are busy with your life. I hope it is always like this so I cannot have time to remember the ugly parts of my life. It is not worth sharing it here. I just want to talk about the good things. However, I am also grateful for the past, I cannot be who I am today without those trials that made me a little stronger now. I hope I am going to have a wonderful day ahead of me, free of trouble and would go just as smoothly as possible. I hope I can do all my pending work so I do not have to worry about it anymore
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Have you heard of a potty putter? This thing is somewhat new to me. At first, I really do not have any idea what is all about; until a friend told me. A potty putter is a gadget that you can use to play golf while you are inside the bathroom sitting on your throne. But when I see it, I realized the usefulness of this gadget. You can practice your stuff while doing another thing. It sounds so odd to think that you are golfing while sitting on your “throne”. It is rather unusual but my friend said it is not. As he himself has this gadget he received for Christmas from a fellow golfer. I did not think of him a person who plays inside the bathroom but seeing his things there is already enough proof for me to believe. He said he is enjoying this new toy that he has now. If your father, boyfriend, brother or a friend is into golf and loves to stay inside the bathroom for a long time, this could be the perfect gift for them. And if you like to own this one, Just be sure that nobody would use the bathroom after you or else that person would be fuming and would beat you with the flag stick the moment you step out of it.

If there is another person who goes crazy over pink, that is me. I really love it. I cannot resist this color everytime I see it. In fact most of my things have the shade of pink. My towels, pillows, slippers and a lot more of my things are all pink even the box that contains my knickknacks. That is also the reason why I chose the pink theme for my blog.

I do not know when this love affair between me and pink started. I just woke up one day and already in love with this color. Two weeks ago, I saw this pair of pink Juicy slippers that is very cute. I really want to have it but when I look at the price, I was disheartened as it was very expensive. And I cannot have it as my paycheck has not arrived yet. I could not forget about it and I swear to myself, I will be coming back for it the moment I received my salary. I was thinking about it until I got home. Unable to contain my disappointment anymore, I talked to Jason just to convey my disappointment. The other day when I came back for it, it was already gone. I was really broken hearted when I walk out of the store. And it did not stop there. Yesterday, I went to the mall to buy ballpens. When I went to the greeting cards section, my attention was caught by a ready-made pink scrapbook. Without entertaining second thoughts, I took it from the shelf and went directly to the cashier to pay for it. I knew well that I have still a scrapbook at home that is not yet filled and this one is an unnecessary buy. I still bought it just the same.

As I was walking out of the store, I was wondering. Why I am so crazy with anything that is pink? Is it jus normal or I am already crossing the line to insanity? lol

My parents wanted to renovate a part of our home. They decided to make an extension of the kitchen. They had been thinking about it since the second quarter of the year 2009. He was only waiting to pool the resources. And now that he finally was able to put up a handsome amount of money for this project, he set out to find professional builders to do the renovation for him. They set out to work as agreed, and their progress is quite impressive. They were in the time frame of the job expected of them. Actually, they are a day ahead of their schedule. My mother is so excited about it. She could not stop talking about how the new kitchen would look like. She cannot wait to cook and do her stuff in that special part of our home. As I have seen in the plan, it was quite organized and the design makes the space look bigger than its actual area. I am happy that finally, my father was able to do the thing that was always the subject of the argument between him and my mom. When it was finished, they invited our good neighbor for a long time to have dinner with us. I can see the look of satisfaction in my father’s face. Maybe he was thinking; never will my mother would nag him about it anymore.
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When I visited my cousin yesterday, I noticed some changes in her home. She has put on new curtains of different hue from the previous ones, she rearrange the living room and made some repairs in the kitchen. She decided to give her house a new look in time for her husband’s arrival by the end of the month. Most notable were the changes she made for her kids’ room. She has two children; a boy and a girl. The two kids used to share a room to make them closer to each other according to her. Now that her kids are growing up she decided to let them sleep in separate rooms. She has the room renovated for her daughter and gave a new one for her son. She bought them new beds, too and disposed the old bed they used to share. The kids love the changes being made on the house and told me about it while we were eating lunch. They show me their rooms later and invited me to come inside and play with them like we always do when I am with them. The kids were happily jumping up and down their respective beds. The girl asked me if I can stay for the night but I declined as I have still other things to do for the rest of the day. But I promised the kids that I will visit them next week and play with them again.

One of my top priorities this year is to get fit and healthy. I started it with watching what I eat. Last year, I have been guilty of eating too much red meat, fatty foods, large amount of junk foods and not exercising. I feel bad about it. I know my health is at stake with every food I put into my mouth. The thought of me having a cardiac arrest is something I dreaded most. So I decided to change my diet. I want to increase my fiber intake too. I only have oatmeal or cereal, fruits and milk in the morning. Sometimes I am having chocolate drink for a change. When I cut on carbohydrates, I observe that I feel so light now. Last year a lot of people said that I got a little bigger. But when I weighed myself, I still have my normal weight. So I just shrugged off their comments. Last holiday season was a disaster. My food consumption was above the normal. It cannot be avoided as holidays mean delicious foods, sleeping and relaxing. I never got the time to exercise. If I was not eating, I was sleeping. I was savoring the real holiday. As a result, I got two inches in my waistline came January. But after a span of two weeks, I was again back to my normal waistline without the efforts to exercise. Maybe it is because my eating habits have been back to normal already. But exercise is not about just maintaining your body but also to maintain good health and positive outlook in life. I decided to take exercise seriously. Yesterday, I decided to buy a twist board for a start. I just want to tone my muscles and get fit in the process. My sister and I are having fun in taking turns on the twist board. I feel like I am not doing any exercise at all. It is like I am just playing and having fun.

 I just received my pay check yesterday for a 15-day period salary. I was so happy to contemplate that my hardship was compensated rather good. It is not easy to find a good job that pays a satisfying compensation. Since I was given this blessing, I think it is just right for me to manage my finances wisely since I am thinking of going back to school this June, God willing, to get another degree. Everytime I received my pay check, I am always allotting a budget for food, transportation, contingencies and most especially my savings, insurance and investments.

It is a good move for every person to have an investment, even just a small one. These days there a lot of good investments you can choose from. I, on the other hand is presently trying my luck with other business ventures that could probably give me a satisfyingly high return of investments like InvestmentForge. I just want to just sit back in peace knowing that my money is growing without my direct participation. My sister is suggesting that we also try other options like buy and sell. But since I am not yet fully equipped with the techniques of business, I am adamant to push through. I am a graduate of a business course but I was not able to put it into practice as I went into another field when I graduated from college. But there is still hope for me to learn and expand my horizon in relation to business as I am still young and very much eager to learn. And I know it is a good prospect and worth investing for the sake of my future.

This baby naming thing is giving me a headache. It has been months that I am trying to find a name for a baby. My sister is due to give birth this March and she is asking me to give my niece a name as I did with her firstborn, Eldridge. She wants to name her baby with a name that also starts with letter E just like the rest of us. I already suggested a lot of names like Eidelweiss, Eurydice, Elina, Erin and a lot more. But she has not made up her mind yet. I asked some friends but up to now, I have not found a name that we both like. I suggested a lot of names but she is still looking for a lot more to choose from. Sometimes she would joke that she would name her after me. I also tried fishing some suggestions on blogcatalog but I have not found the one I want. I have tried the baby names sites but I cannot decide for a good name too. If you have some suggestions, I would appreciate it if you would just drop some comments in this post. Thank you in advance for this favor I am asking.
A cousin of mine is currently employed in a trucking service as driver. Just recently, I was wondering why I have not heard from him for almost a week. I was getting worried too as his mother keeps on asking me to update about her son. She was so afraid that something bad happened to him. Mother’s instinct is most of the time right. The other day, my cousin did called and informed me that he was involved in an accident while on duty in the past week. He explained that it is the reason why he was not able to contact us. He said I should not mention it to his mother because he is already in good condition now.  According to him, the truck he was driving was in good condition but he has no idea why the accident happened. Things like that happened most of the time. But all his problems are handled now; luckily the truck he was driving was covered by HVG insurance. It is good for his company to have it. Insurance helps a lot in incidents like this. It would make you feel at ease thinking that you or your properties are covered by it. A lot of people are skeptical about it; but not me. In fact, I also have my own insurance. I consider it  necessary and a good investment.
I was having a hard time sleeping sound lately. I would usually wake up in the middle of the night because my back aches. I decided it is high time to shop for another comfortable bed. So last weekend, I went to a popular local store selling high quality beds, mattresses and pillows. Actually, this is also the store where I bought my fluffy pillows. I like their beds because not only they look stylish and elegant but the built look very strong.

I am a pillow person. I love to sleep when I am being surrounded with pillows. If you would see my bed, you could say that the owner of the bed is the pillows and I am only a necessary addition to it. :) Well, anyway, that is the kind of sleeping condition I am used too, big fluffy pillows, warm blankets and a soft comfortable bed. You know what I am particularly scared of? Sleeping in another place where there are no beds and pillows. I am not like the other people who can sleep eventhough they are just standing. For me to sleep on the other hand, I need to be in a good sleeping condition.

Thankfully, yesterday I was able to pick up the one that I like. It was delivered to my house after an hour. There is no need to say that I was sleeping on it last night comfortably because I really do sleep like an angel. :)

They say a mother’s love is the greatest in the whole world. It can cure a hurting heart, can dry tears from the eyes of a child and can kiss away the pain of a scraped knee. There are a lot of things that a mother’s love can do. Her hug of love is an assurance to a child that he or she is safe in her arms. It is because of this love that she is willing to do anything for the welfare of her children. However, as to what extent would a mother show love to her child? Would it be right to tolerate and all his/her wrong doings? Can it still be considered love at all? Is not it like telling your child that it is alright to do wrong at all because you are there to protect him/her?

There is this hot item that is circulating on the local news these days. It is a story about a man who is running away from the law. He committed several crimes and his mother knowing how wrong what her son did; still she aided him to flee. The authorities discovered months later that he did left the country at all but his mother hid him in their basement. As I watched the evening news, I was shaking my head, contemplating that this is not a kind of love a child needs. She is teaching him to be irresponsible. She must be a compassionate and loving mother. She only wanted to protect her son. It may be right to love her son but to harbor a criminal is not. He is answerable to the law for what he did. This kind of love is not nurturing. It is a kind of love that leads the child astray. A love that brings more harm than good. A kind of love that kills.

This afternoon we started our first court hearing for the year in our new courtroom. It is also my first time to appear here. We used to hold our court hearings at the Hall of Justice in the ORG compound; but because of what happened in Ampatuan, our boss decided to transfer to another venue. Last December, we busied ourselves cleaning it as it looked like a warehouse with old records of cases scattered everywhere. Gladly, we were able to organize, clean and bring back the beauty of our old courtroom. We managed to make it look like new but the air conditioning system is not working well yet. Nevertheless, it’s ready for our court sessions.

We had ten cases in our calendar for today’s hearing. I got breathless reading five counts of bouncing checks cases in succession. Whew! It made my throat dry and my nervousness has something to do with it too. I am really scared if I am in a crowd. It makes me like I want to shrink until nobody could see me. It is something I had to battle everyday of my life. I hope I could overcome my fear of the crowd. We had a lot of lawyers who appeared today. I was especially fascinated by the fresh-faced and young one I saw today. It is his first time to appear before our court and he has four adversaries, three veterans and one newbie and yet he looked so relax just doing his thing and in the end, he was able to win the argument. I was having a good time listening to them that I forgot to take my notes of what was transpiring. In the end, I had to rely to the court order so I can put something in my minutes of the session.

Lung cancer is the most common cause of death related to cancer among men and women. Every year, it claims 1.3 million lives in the whole world. The most common cause of lung cancer is smoking. Not only are the smokers can be potential victims of this deadly disease but also the hapless nonsmokers who had done nothing but inhale the smoke emitted by irresponsible smokers. In fact 15% of lung cancer cases can be attributed to secondhand smoking, genetic factors, radon, asbestos and air pollution. If you are experiencing shortness of breath, coughing up blood, losing your appetite and weight, chronic coughing, wheezing, pain in the abdomen or chest and difficulty in swallowing, chances are you are in danger of having a lung cancer. Consult your doctor immediately so that it can be treated as early as possible. It is better to be alert at the first manifestations of these symptoms. Early detection means a higher possibility to battle cancer but still, prevention is the best way to fight it.

As my father always says, every stick of cigarette you put between your lips is equivalent to a nail for your coffin. Smoking is like killing your own self slowly. You may be enjoying puffing the deadly smoke today but in the end, your health will pay for your irresponsibility. I cannot see any benefits humans can derive from smoking. I don’t know why people would have to waste their money to shorten their lives by puffing the deadly smoke. They continue to do it despite the warnings and that they themselves are fully aware of its risk. I also cannot see the wisdom of putting a warning in every cigarette pack that says, cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. If it is dangerous then why do they still manufacture and sell cigarettes? It is very ironic.

I have a Cloud Crowd application in my Facebook account. I have not given it much thought because somebody said to me that they are not paying for the task that they will assign to you. Yesterday I received a Cloud Crowd work alert in my email, out of curiosity, I tried doing it. It required me to determine whether a certain website can be categorized or not based on the information given by the same website. So I evaluated it and submitted the task after I finish doing it. Today, I received a notification that the payment for the task was credited to my Paypal. I really love Facebook now than any other social networking sites. It is versatile that I can almost do anything. I can find new friends and old friends, play a lot of games and make extra money too. So my dear friends, the next time you open your Facebook why don’t you try adding Cloud Crowd first rather than heading to Restaurant City, Fish Life or Café World?

It has been my dream of starting my own blog but I don’t know where to start. It was only when ate An introduced me to blogger that I realized my dream. I was really grateful to her for being my mentor. She was the one who taught me the basics and I go to her every time I have queries. Nine months had passed and I am still enjoying every minute I spent in blogging. I was able to express myself and communicate with the netizens from the corner of my room. I was able to put down my thoughts into words and transpired it into small articles that I shared to the whole world. Without my blog, these thoughts would just end up in my diary and sit there until discovered by somebody who is interested to pick it up. The financial reward is also satisfying that I feel like I want to write as frequent as possible but with my work, I can’t blog everyday. I also made friends not only from the Philippines but from all over the world. People who I never knew existed before. I was able to do all these because of ate An’s guidance and free tutorial. Thanks ate An. I could not have made it if not for you.
After months of convincing, my cousin finally entered the world of blogging. Since she’s a stay at home mom and always at the front of her computer she might as well make it productive than just playing Mafia Wars and Farm Town on Facebook which I myself used to be addicted too. Good thing, I was able to control myself and now I am completely “rehabilitated”. I told her she can make blogging an enjoyable past time not to mention that it is also productive because of the financial rewards. In Mafia Wars she is also earning millions of virtual money but you can’t convert it to cash so why waste your time with it? Through blogging, she can meet new friends and make money from home at the same time. For now, we are still finalizing her lay out as her template design is the same as mine. If she won’t change her mind, we might end up having the same look on our blog. Hehehe. Her husband started his own blog too. You can check it out at
When my board mate arrived from work, he handed me a calendar of the bank where he works. It has the words “Green Means All the World to Us” written on the front page. I am talking about the 2010 calendar of the Land Bank of the Philippines. It features the following six different species of trees from our country’s forests:

• NARRA (Pterocarpus indicus Willd)

• MANGIUM (acacia mangium Willd)

• BAGRAS (Eucalyptus deglupta Blume)

• AGOHO (Casuarinas equosetifolia L.)

• MAHOGANY (Swietenia macrophylla King)

• FALCATA (Paraserianthes falcataria (L.) Nielsen)

I really love trees.  I love to be under its shed during a warm weather.  Some of the trees featured in that calendar were already planted in my uncle's farm.  I wish they also feature the Kamagong because this tree amazes me all the time with its features.  The main message that the calendar is conveying is encouraging all of us to plant trees.  It is not too late to be concerned about our environment. 

As I was going to the office this morning, I was in a hurry because I woke up late. I was not able to sleep soundly last night. Maybe the carbonated drink I had was the culprit. I was panicking as I had to be early because I need to lessen my workload. While I was traversing the Sinsuat Avenue on board a jeepney, I noticed that the traffic started to get jammed. Oh my, it is still very early and I think my day had been ruined before it gets started. I patiently waited because I do not have any intention to frown the whole day. When the traffic was already moving, an irresponsible driver went past us going in the wrong side of the road. What do you expect when a driver will do this? Yes, you are right, accident. It collided with an oncoming vehicle. It is very sad to think how Filipinos would behave sometimes. There are traffic rules but they disregard it. I am just lucky that the driver of the jeepney that I was riding on was a disciplined man. Later we stopped by at a fuel station which was newly opened. He was not able to gas up as the diesel fuel pump is out of order. Another bad thing again? Oh my, can I still bear it? Alright we continue until we found another fuel station and luckily we were able to gas up. I was glad that I arrived home safely but I was already late for work. (Sighs)

With Love Wednesday

Once again, it is time for With Love Wednesday folks; this week’s subject is about the Media Noche.

We Filipinos call the midnight meal we partake for the New Year as Media Noche. We eat after all the fireworks and firecrackers display is done. Our previous Media Noche was not that happy. There were only the three of us at home, my parents and me. We went to my aunt’s house, as she was also alone there. We ate the foods we prepared in silence. The merriment was absent because we are not together on this occasion. A moment later, my uncle and his family came to join us. We only had a small preparation because there was only the three of us. We only had spaghetti, fruit salad, inihaw na bangus and inihaw na tilapia. We abstain from eating red meat as we were loaded with it since Christmas. The mere thought of lechon made me gagged.

Determined to overcome my sadness, I went to my other aunt’s house. I saw my cousins and their kids all awake and eating their Media Noche. They invited me to join them but as I was already full, I declined it and took their pictures instead.

I am a movie addict like my friend Jason.  But because of being tied up with work, I got no time to go to the video store to buy CDs or DVDs.  I cannot rent from Video City as I am not a member.  Besides, I don't like to wait for the movie I want because somebody is still renting it.  I want to watch movies straight from my PC.  I have been looking for a faster search engine available in the net so I could download my favorite movies.  In that way, I can watch them anytime and anywhere I like.  I employed the help of my friend who like me, is also a movie addict.  He told me about the sites where he downloads his favorite movies.  He told me his latest was the New Moon; The Twilight Saga.  Intrigued and excited because I missed this movie on cinema, I immediately asked him about this sites he was telling me.Among the three sites that he suggested, what passed my taste is only the Rapidshare Search Engine as it is the fastest of the three.  After that, I started downloading New Moon.  It only took me a few minutes.  Not only did I downloaded the movie from this site but also, I was able to find new PSP games for my brother and music of Rihanna.

It was really a cool find.  I could not ask for more.  They have a wide array of torrent and pdf files to choose from.  I am happy now.  Eventhough I missed the movie New Moon, I am still able to watch it in my pc at the comfort of my own room.
One of my sister believes in the idea of New Year, new things.  Since it is the start of the year, she decided to make-over a part of her home.  After dismantling the Christmas decorations, she set out on putting an altar in the corner of her living room.  Being a Catholic, we  believe that our home should have a place for prayer and veneration.  She put a stand that holds the Bible, a vase of flowers, a Sto. Niño and the image of the Blessed Mother on the center and two candle holders on both sides.  After that, she changed all the curtains and rearranged the bed in the master's bedroom.  It was laborious as she had just changed the curtains before the new year.  But who am I to argue? it's her own house anyway and I am just an observer.

The next thing she did was planting new flowers in the front of her house.  She also had her plumbing system being fixed.  and the last thing she did was, she acquired a baby turtle as a new pet.  Well, anyway the change did good.  The house look like new again and in order.

When she could not think of anything else to change about her home, she decided to raid my room that looks like a battle field.  But I did not allowed her.  It is my own private retreat.  I don't like anybody arranging my things for me because it would be very hard for me to locate them afterwards.  I will arrange my room but not now;  maybe in the weekend when I have plenty of time.
Somebody sent this message to my e-mail.
  • I asked God to take away my pain.  God said, "No.  It is not for me to take away but for you to give up."
  • I asked God to make my handicapped child whole.  God said, "No. His/her spirit is whole; the body is only temporary."
  • I asked God to grant me patience.  God said, "No.  Patience is a by-product of tribulations; it isn't granted, it is earned."
  • I asked God to give me happiness.  God said, "No.  I give you blessings.  Happiness is up to you".
  • I asked God to spare me pain.  God said, "No.  Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to me."
  • I asked God to make my spirit grow.  God said, "No.  You must grow on your own;  but I will prune you to make you fruitful."
  • I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life.  God said, "No.  I will give you life so that you may enjoy all things."
  • I asked God to help me LOVE others as much as He loves me.  God said, "Ahhh, finally you have the idea."
The sender said that if I love God I have to share it to as many people as I can. So that is why you are reading it now because I chose to share it here.
Just recently, my father’s friend whom I met during our homecoming last month decided to venture into another business. He has been into the field of buy and sell of agricultural products and farm inputs. He is also into the business of gasoline service station. He has two already. He told us of his plan to expand into another field. He said he wanted to stretch his luck to see if it will work for him this year. He has this idea of venturing into real property development. With his numerous contacts from his other businesses, surely this new business will thrive. My father suggested that for his business to be established and become well-known, he has to think of a good name for it. And like other existing businesses this new venture should have a unique identity to separate it from the others. He immediately agreed to this idea.

My father asked me if I know of any person or business that is specializes in designing a realtor logo. I remember a classmate of mine way back in high school who is into this field. Luckily I still have his number so my father’s friend contacted him. He told my classmate of his specifics and after agreeing on the price, he set out on designing at least four designs for him to choose from. After five days, they finally came up with the design that suited his taste.
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Entrust only your eyes to the professional. Have your vision corrected today at
Stahl Eye Center

Here I am in my Sunday Blues mood. Thinking that the next day is Monday makes Sunday not one of my favorite days. Why, you would ask. It is during Sunday that I am leaving home to go to the city because my work is there. I hate leaving our old home seeing the sad look on my parents’ faces. I am not really a big fan of Monday. I always associate this day with being busy because I used to have a mountain of workload in my previous job on Mondays. Hmmm…..I know many people do not like Mondays too. I wish everyday is always Saturday. It is the day when I could sleep for as long as I want to.

This morning, I left home with a heavy heart when I saw my father watching as I leave. It is hard on my part too; but I have to go because of my work. If only I am rich, I will not be working and leave my parents like this. Maybe I would just sit on my favorite chair on a sunny morning sipping a cup of my hazelnut-flavored coffee and reading the paper. On the other hand, if I get bored, I would just pick up my passport, get a visa and travel to the places that are only part of my imagination. Maybe it would be so wonderful. But since I was born without a silver spoon in my mouth, I have to work for a living and get what I want in life the hard way.

I am not complaining about my situation. It is just sometimes, I wonder how it would feel if I am in a different circumstance of life. If there is a genie out there reading this, would you please let me become rich for a year? I am just curious how it would feel to be one. Would I have a peaceful slumber? Would I still appreciate the simple things around me? However, I doubt if genies are into blogs or if they can read at all. That only means that there is nobody who would grant me my wish.

Tomorrow? It is back to the real world again! (Sighs)

Because of the holidays, I was deprived of enough sleep. Just like now, I am trying to court sleep but I did not succeed. I got nothing better to do. I am so bored. So I try to think of my goals for the year. I am going to learn a new language and I will go back to school to get another degree.

I am also thinking of teaching my father and my mother how to use the computer; for them to discover the beauty and the benefits brought about by this technology. For this I am going to lend them my laptop. But I am worried because I am not always around to see what they do. I am afraid that they can delete some of my files accidentally. My folks do not know about the files stuff yet. And I have important files stored in my laptop. I can’t risk losing them as they are as important as food and air to me. I checked for data recovery software but they are expensive. I wish I can find a free software download that can help me in my predicament so I will be at peace if I leave my old folks alone to explore and learn about computer.

Another milestone has been added in my life as a blogger. As the year turns a new leaf, so is my blog. Sunday Blues just got the page rank of 2! As an amateur blogger who have yet a lot to know, I consider this as an achievement. Earlier, before I joined the whole neighborhood to welcome the New Year, I was updating my blog. Its page rank was still 1. Silently, I was wondering what it would feel if suddenly my page rank will increase. God is so good. He answered me even though it was only a wishful thinking. I only discovered it when I went back from the street and start posting new articles again. My first reaction was disbelief. Is it a New Year joke? I checked the Google Page Rank Checker. Moreover, I got this result:

Web Page URL:

The Page Rank:                                              2/10

(the page rank value is 2 from 10 possible points)

Ate An was the first person to know this latest development on my blog so I texted her. Being my mentor, she has the right to know. I told Calay too. I cannot contain my excitement. However, there was only me to share it with here in our home. So glad I have Ate An and Calay.  
Once again, I want to give credit to Ate An for all the ideas she has taught me. Thank you very much Te. This blog will not exist if not for you. I also want to thank all my friends in bloglandia, followers and visitors. Thank you guys for taking time to check out Sunday Blues from time to time. To my family, bff, friends, all my loved ones and to all the people from all walks of life whom I draw my ideas thank you. I am happy and contented that I have Sunday Blues; it is my channel of conveying the ideas running in my mind. I am happy because I find a new place to meet and gain new friends. I get to interact with people from all over the world and learn from them in the process. Lastly, to the Great Writer of all time, let every word I write here be an expression of my endless gratitude to You.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2010 bring us all never-ending flow of goodness, happiness and blessings.

These inspiring messages were sent by loved ones and friends as the New Year approaches.

A happy life is when you expect less, give more, need less, laugh a lot, dream big, work hard, play often and be thankful. Wishing you a happy life in 2010. –Roque

Let’s thank those who hated us-they made us better persons. Thank those who loved us, they made our hearts grow ponder. Thank those who cared, they made us feel important. Thank those who entered our lives, they made us who we are today. Thank those who left, they showed us that nothing lasts forever. Thank those who stayed, they showed us the true meaning of friendship. And let us thank God for giving us another to celebrate life. Happy New Year! – Ma’am Lalay

A beautiful year, a relaxed mind, a peaceful soul, a healthy body, a loving heart and answered prayers. These are my 2010 wishes for you.  Happy New Year. – Ma. Mae

I pray that whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful, whatever brings you joy and peace, may God in His grace grant you abundantly always. Happy New Year! – Riza Mae

Wishing you all the timeless treasure of New Year, the warmth of home, love of family and the company of true friends. A blessed New Year and more blessings in 2010. – Ate Leba

Today, think about how rich you are: your family is priceless, your time is gold, your health is wealth and your Savior is the greatest treasure of all. May you always be rich in things that really count. A bountiful New Year ahead. – Ate Myrna

Happy New Year Len :-D Wishing you happiness, good health and long life in 2010. God Bless. – Dorothy

Happy New Year! – Nice

May the good Lord continue to bless you with things that matter most in life, a “gift” of good health, happy home and peace of mind everyday. Happy New Year! – Mary Ann

As we welcome 2010, may God continue to bless you and your family, a life that is healthy, happy, joyous and abundant and peaceful. God bless! Happy New Year! – Ate Yolly

Happy New Year 2010!!! 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days of success, 8760 hours of good health, 525,600 minutes of love 31,536,000 seconds of joy. Hope I am the first wishing you in advance the coming of the New Year. – Nick

Happy New Year. Thank you for being a friend. May God bless you more. – Leomerlan

A beautiful life does not just happen. It is built daily by prayer, humility, sacrifice and love. May that beautiful life be yours always. Happy New Year. - Ate Tina

Peace in your heart, health of your body, wealth in your life, joy in your home. May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures. Happy New Year! – Lorefe

Don’t simply thank God for the blessings you have received but thank Him because He has chosen you to be blessed and be a blessing to others. Happy New Year! – Ng Joy

A blessed New Year to you. Wishing you and your family all the best for 2010. – Hilda

Everyday, be sure to smile, it makes you look better, pray, it keeps you stronger, share, it makes you richer, and love, it makes you enjoy life. Happy New Year! – Kuya Edwin.

><(((:> ><(((:>


><(((:> ><(((:>


><(((:> ><(((:>

Eight Golden Fishes to wish you prosperity, Wealth, Good Health, Peace, Luck, Longevity, Long Lasting Love and Happiness. To you and your family, a wonderfully blessed New Year. God bless. – Ate Luchie

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.
                                                                        ~Benjamin Franklin

Happy New Year everyone!!!  Cheers for another year of continous blessings...
And before I forgot, a very happy birthday to my sister Euvelyn who is celebrating her birthday today. 
Happy birthday Uvs     =)