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This afternoon we started our first court hearing for the year in our new courtroom. It is also my first time to appear here. We used to hold our court hearings at the Hall of Justice in the ORG compound; but because of what happened in Ampatuan, our boss decided to transfer to another venue. Last December, we busied ourselves cleaning it as it looked like a warehouse with old records of cases scattered everywhere. Gladly, we were able to organize, clean and bring back the beauty of our old courtroom. We managed to make it look like new but the air conditioning system is not working well yet. Nevertheless, it’s ready for our court sessions.

We had ten cases in our calendar for today’s hearing. I got breathless reading five counts of bouncing checks cases in succession. Whew! It made my throat dry and my nervousness has something to do with it too. I am really scared if I am in a crowd. It makes me like I want to shrink until nobody could see me. It is something I had to battle everyday of my life. I hope I could overcome my fear of the crowd. We had a lot of lawyers who appeared today. I was especially fascinated by the fresh-faced and young one I saw today. It is his first time to appear before our court and he has four adversaries, three veterans and one newbie and yet he looked so relax just doing his thing and in the end, he was able to win the argument. I was having a good time listening to them that I forgot to take my notes of what was transpiring. In the end, I had to rely to the court order so I can put something in my minutes of the session.