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After months of convincing, my cousin finally entered the world of blogging. Since she’s a stay at home mom and always at the front of her computer she might as well make it productive than just playing Mafia Wars and Farm Town on Facebook which I myself used to be addicted too. Good thing, I was able to control myself and now I am completely “rehabilitated”. I told her she can make blogging an enjoyable past time not to mention that it is also productive because of the financial rewards. In Mafia Wars she is also earning millions of virtual money but you can’t convert it to cash so why waste your time with it? Through blogging, she can meet new friends and make money from home at the same time. For now, we are still finalizing her lay out as her template design is the same as mine. If she won’t change her mind, we might end up having the same look on our blog. Hehehe. Her husband started his own blog too. You can check it out at