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I am a movie addict like my friend Jason.  But because of being tied up with work, I got no time to go to the video store to buy CDs or DVDs.  I cannot rent from Video City as I am not a member.  Besides, I don't like to wait for the movie I want because somebody is still renting it.  I want to watch movies straight from my PC.  I have been looking for a faster search engine available in the net so I could download my favorite movies.  In that way, I can watch them anytime and anywhere I like.  I employed the help of my friend who like me, is also a movie addict.  He told me about the sites where he downloads his favorite movies.  He told me his latest was the New Moon; The Twilight Saga.  Intrigued and excited because I missed this movie on cinema, I immediately asked him about this sites he was telling me.Among the three sites that he suggested, what passed my taste is only the Rapidshare Search Engine as it is the fastest of the three.  After that, I started downloading New Moon.  It only took me a few minutes.  Not only did I downloaded the movie from this site but also, I was able to find new PSP games for my brother and music of Rihanna.

It was really a cool find.  I could not ask for more.  They have a wide array of torrent and pdf files to choose from.  I am happy now.  Eventhough I missed the movie New Moon, I am still able to watch it in my pc at the comfort of my own room.


gracia said...

your lay-out is soo it...xlinks?