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I just came back from the watching Boys Over Flowers in the living room. For the benefit of those who do not know what is this show, it is a Korean series about four rich guys and an average girl. And tonight, the same series ended. It is an adaption of the Taiwanese Meteor Garden that was aired here in the Philippines way back in 2003. Both these shows were dubbed in Tagalog for the Filipinos to understand the language. I was not really a fan of this Korean F4, as I like the Taiwanese F4, Dao Ming especially Mei Zhou or Vaness Wu. I can remember those days when I was going gaga over those cute Taiwanese guys. I love San Cai (Barbie Xu) as her character was feisty. Watching Boys Over Flowers makes me walk down the memory lane again.

I can’t help laughing when I saw my diary which has the following entry on May 23, 2003:

“Believe it or not, I am now hooked to Meteor Garden! It is a tv series that is selling as hot cakes these days. I can see their posters everywhere I look. You may think of it as being shallow but I don’t care. All I know is that Dao Ming Shi and Mei Zhou are so cute! I love Dao Meng Se’s character. He does what he says, a bad boy but deep inside a loving lonely soul. I love the series as a whole. It is fast-paced that if you fail to watch one episode, you will be confused the next time you watch it.

I thought F4 means Fantasy Forever. However, do you know what I just learned? That is not what it means but F4 stands for Flower Four. Oh my, why can’t they think of a better name for them? Still I like this bunch of Taiwanese cuties namely Vaness Wu (Wu Jian Hao), Jerry Yen, Vic Zhou (Zhou Yu Min) and Ken Zu. I don’t know if I spell them right. I am not good in memorizing Taiwanese names. These cuties captured my heart. I love Vaness’ super cute eyes. I feel like a delirious teen, but who cares? Only these few pages know about my thoughts.”

I was really so crazy over that show. I even put Vaness’ poster next to my bed. Until now it is still there. As it is a reminder of my younger days. Those are the days that I can’t bring back anymore.