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Here I am in my Sunday Blues mood. Thinking that the next day is Monday makes Sunday not one of my favorite days. Why, you would ask. It is during Sunday that I am leaving home to go to the city because my work is there. I hate leaving our old home seeing the sad look on my parents’ faces. I am not really a big fan of Monday. I always associate this day with being busy because I used to have a mountain of workload in my previous job on Mondays. Hmmm…..I know many people do not like Mondays too. I wish everyday is always Saturday. It is the day when I could sleep for as long as I want to.

This morning, I left home with a heavy heart when I saw my father watching as I leave. It is hard on my part too; but I have to go because of my work. If only I am rich, I will not be working and leave my parents like this. Maybe I would just sit on my favorite chair on a sunny morning sipping a cup of my hazelnut-flavored coffee and reading the paper. On the other hand, if I get bored, I would just pick up my passport, get a visa and travel to the places that are only part of my imagination. Maybe it would be so wonderful. But since I was born without a silver spoon in my mouth, I have to work for a living and get what I want in life the hard way.

I am not complaining about my situation. It is just sometimes, I wonder how it would feel if I am in a different circumstance of life. If there is a genie out there reading this, would you please let me become rich for a year? I am just curious how it would feel to be one. Would I have a peaceful slumber? Would I still appreciate the simple things around me? However, I doubt if genies are into blogs or if they can read at all. That only means that there is nobody who would grant me my wish.

Tomorrow? It is back to the real world again! (Sighs)