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I was having a hard time sleeping sound lately. I would usually wake up in the middle of the night because my back aches. I decided it is high time to shop for another comfortable bed. So last weekend, I went to a popular local store selling high quality beds, mattresses and pillows. Actually, this is also the store where I bought my fluffy pillows. I like their beds because not only they look stylish and elegant but the built look very strong.

I am a pillow person. I love to sleep when I am being surrounded with pillows. If you would see my bed, you could say that the owner of the bed is the pillows and I am only a necessary addition to it. :) Well, anyway, that is the kind of sleeping condition I am used too, big fluffy pillows, warm blankets and a soft comfortable bed. You know what I am particularly scared of? Sleeping in another place where there are no beds and pillows. I am not like the other people who can sleep eventhough they are just standing. For me to sleep on the other hand, I need to be in a good sleeping condition.

Thankfully, yesterday I was able to pick up the one that I like. It was delivered to my house after an hour. There is no need to say that I was sleeping on it last night comfortably because I really do sleep like an angel. :)