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As I have said in my previous post that I really hate smokers and cigarettes as I know that smoking is not good to our health. I never knew that there is a healthy way of smoking now. Yes you read it right. There is already an alternative to the present cigarettes in the market. There is this so called e-smoke available nowadays that I believe would replace the conventional cigarettes we are used to. This electronic smoking uses a device that provides a small amount of nicotine when inhaled. It is one of the latest health fads in the year 2009.  Smokers Joy are one of the leading companies which provides this latest innovation. They have the best electronic cigarettes in South Africa. You can smoke anywhere using it without disturbing other people who do not want it as it has no danger of making other people a secondhand smoker. It has the same effect as an ordinary cigarette only that it is healthier compared to it.