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I have a Cloud Crowd application in my Facebook account. I have not given it much thought because somebody said to me that they are not paying for the task that they will assign to you. Yesterday I received a Cloud Crowd work alert in my email, out of curiosity, I tried doing it. It required me to determine whether a certain website can be categorized or not based on the information given by the same website. So I evaluated it and submitted the task after I finish doing it. Today, I received a notification that the payment for the task was credited to my Paypal. I really love Facebook now than any other social networking sites. It is versatile that I can almost do anything. I can find new friends and old friends, play a lot of games and make extra money too. So my dear friends, the next time you open your Facebook why don’t you try adding Cloud Crowd first rather than heading to Restaurant City, Fish Life or Café World?