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This baby naming thing is giving me a headache. It has been months that I am trying to find a name for a baby. My sister is due to give birth this March and she is asking me to give my niece a name as I did with her firstborn, Eldridge. She wants to name her baby with a name that also starts with letter E just like the rest of us. I already suggested a lot of names like Eidelweiss, Eurydice, Elina, Erin and a lot more. But she has not made up her mind yet. I asked some friends but up to now, I have not found a name that we both like. I suggested a lot of names but she is still looking for a lot more to choose from. Sometimes she would joke that she would name her after me. I also tried fishing some suggestions on blogcatalog but I have not found the one I want. I have tried the baby names sites but I cannot decide for a good name too. If you have some suggestions, I would appreciate it if you would just drop some comments in this post. Thank you in advance for this favor I am asking.