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They say a mother’s love is the greatest in the whole world. It can cure a hurting heart, can dry tears from the eyes of a child and can kiss away the pain of a scraped knee. There are a lot of things that a mother’s love can do. Her hug of love is an assurance to a child that he or she is safe in her arms. It is because of this love that she is willing to do anything for the welfare of her children. However, as to what extent would a mother show love to her child? Would it be right to tolerate and all his/her wrong doings? Can it still be considered love at all? Is not it like telling your child that it is alright to do wrong at all because you are there to protect him/her?

There is this hot item that is circulating on the local news these days. It is a story about a man who is running away from the law. He committed several crimes and his mother knowing how wrong what her son did; still she aided him to flee. The authorities discovered months later that he did left the country at all but his mother hid him in their basement. As I watched the evening news, I was shaking my head, contemplating that this is not a kind of love a child needs. She is teaching him to be irresponsible. She must be a compassionate and loving mother. She only wanted to protect her son. It may be right to love her son but to harbor a criminal is not. He is answerable to the law for what he did. This kind of love is not nurturing. It is a kind of love that leads the child astray. A love that brings more harm than good. A kind of love that kills.