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It has been my dream of starting my own blog but I don’t know where to start. It was only when ate An introduced me to blogger that I realized my dream. I was really grateful to her for being my mentor. She was the one who taught me the basics and I go to her every time I have queries. Nine months had passed and I am still enjoying every minute I spent in blogging. I was able to express myself and communicate with the netizens from the corner of my room. I was able to put down my thoughts into words and transpired it into small articles that I shared to the whole world. Without my blog, these thoughts would just end up in my diary and sit there until discovered by somebody who is interested to pick it up. The financial reward is also satisfying that I feel like I want to write as frequent as possible but with my work, I can’t blog everyday. I also made friends not only from the Philippines but from all over the world. People who I never knew existed before. I was able to do all these because of ate An’s guidance and free tutorial. Thanks ate An. I could not have made it if not for you.