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Our office specifically the courtroom is undergoing a series of renovation, which has started last December 2009. Today, people from General Services Office drop by to check and install one air conditioning unit. I am glad that the old one has been disposed of already. To be honest, it really looked like it belonged to the Jurassic era. Yesterday, they came by to check on the lay out that my boss designed herself and now they are making estimates for it. I am very happy with the news that my boss imparted to us. By March, we will be having a new set of office tables and chairs from the USAID together with two units of computers. I am excited to see the outcome of these changes. I am glad that my boss is very creative and has overflowing ideas when it comes to home designs and layouts. She is not an engineer, interior designer or architect but she knows a lot about their work. So lucky for her to be born with this exceptional talent. Do I have to mention that she is also a great judge and a second mother to all her employees? Well, she really is. She makes us all feel that. I really admire her.


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I also admire very much a woman like your only proves that that a man can do a woman can do better