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A cousin of mine is currently employed in a trucking service as driver. Just recently, I was wondering why I have not heard from him for almost a week. I was getting worried too as his mother keeps on asking me to update about her son. She was so afraid that something bad happened to him. Mother’s instinct is most of the time right. The other day, my cousin did called and informed me that he was involved in an accident while on duty in the past week. He explained that it is the reason why he was not able to contact us. He said I should not mention it to his mother because he is already in good condition now.  According to him, the truck he was driving was in good condition but he has no idea why the accident happened. Things like that happened most of the time. But all his problems are handled now; luckily the truck he was driving was covered by HVG insurance. It is good for his company to have it. Insurance helps a lot in incidents like this. It would make you feel at ease thinking that you or your properties are covered by it. A lot of people are skeptical about it; but not me. In fact, I also have my own insurance. I consider it  necessary and a good investment.