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Time really flies so fast. The month of January is about to end without me noticing about it and February, the so-called month of love is already approaching. With that is the celebration of Valentine’s Day. It is the occasion that most lovers are so excited about. It is also during this time that the flowers, chocolates, balloons and a lot more of Valentine’s Day gifts are very popular.

My fondest memory of this day is when I was between seven to eleven years old. I used to make personalized cards using a coupon bond and red art paper cut into the shape of a heart and then I will put my message inside then give it to my mother. So far, I cannot remember giving my father some cards; only my mother. When I was in high school, I still made cards but this time not only for my mother but also for my friends. I would use cute red little ribbons and felt paper and make a small 3D hearts for them. It was really fun to give other people those things that I really worked hard to make. Now, I am no longer making cards. I only greet my mother and friends verbally or by sending them text messages or sometimes using electronic cards. This time, it is my sister Erika who religiously gives cards for this occasion. I collected all the cards she is giving me for the past years because I consider those cards as her labor of love. They may not look very attractive but the hard work exerted by my sister is already enough to make those cards very beautiful compare to the ones being printed and sold at the malls. Seeing her unsteady scribbles on those cards makes me cry. As always, it is the thought that counts.