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If there is another person who goes crazy over pink, that is me. I really love it. I cannot resist this color everytime I see it. In fact most of my things have the shade of pink. My towels, pillows, slippers and a lot more of my things are all pink even the box that contains my knickknacks. That is also the reason why I chose the pink theme for my blog.

I do not know when this love affair between me and pink started. I just woke up one day and already in love with this color. Two weeks ago, I saw this pair of pink Juicy slippers that is very cute. I really want to have it but when I look at the price, I was disheartened as it was very expensive. And I cannot have it as my paycheck has not arrived yet. I could not forget about it and I swear to myself, I will be coming back for it the moment I received my salary. I was thinking about it until I got home. Unable to contain my disappointment anymore, I talked to Jason just to convey my disappointment. The other day when I came back for it, it was already gone. I was really broken hearted when I walk out of the store. And it did not stop there. Yesterday, I went to the mall to buy ballpens. When I went to the greeting cards section, my attention was caught by a ready-made pink scrapbook. Without entertaining second thoughts, I took it from the shelf and went directly to the cashier to pay for it. I knew well that I have still a scrapbook at home that is not yet filled and this one is an unnecessary buy. I still bought it just the same.

As I was walking out of the store, I was wondering. Why I am so crazy with anything that is pink? Is it jus normal or I am already crossing the line to insanity? lol


MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Len! Just by looking at the layout of your blog, you obviously love pink! No worries! I love pink,too but perhaps not as "crazy" as you do *wink*. But do not worry, you are still sane.

By the way, sure. We can exlinks. I have three blogs:

Ovah' Coffee
Health and Home Pages
The Pastime Shelf

Is it okey if we exlinks with my three blogs? Just let me know?

Where are you in the Phililppines? I will be coming home by February and if you are somewhere in Manila, I'll be glad to meet you. That would be nice.

Have a great day!

MaxiVelasco said...

Hello again Len!

I might fly to Davao, too but not yet sure. Are you somewhere near Davao. If not, then we can meet some other time. I am just happy to have a new friend.

Your blog's in my three blogs' blogrolls already. Thanks for the exlinks.

About the racist guy who wrote about negative posts about us PInoys, here's the link:

Suggestion ko sa iyo... just read it. Maiinis ka pero do not try to comment or send him any hatemails. I noticed that he just needs so much attention that's why he created such posts. He's ill mannered and super nakakainis. But always keep your cool. Later on, maawa ka sa kanya... a person who is in desperate need of attention.

Have a nice day Len!

MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Len? Nabasa mo na? Just do not comment on his posts ha. Huwag mong patulan. Kulang lang sya ng atensyon. The we get angry the happier he is kasi. Kaya deadma nalang tayo.

Where are you in Mindanao?`Di rin kasi ako magtatagal sa Davao eh. But I will try to fix my sched para magkita tayo kahit one day lang.