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One of my top priorities this year is to get fit and healthy. I started it with watching what I eat. Last year, I have been guilty of eating too much red meat, fatty foods, large amount of junk foods and not exercising. I feel bad about it. I know my health is at stake with every food I put into my mouth. The thought of me having a cardiac arrest is something I dreaded most. So I decided to change my diet. I want to increase my fiber intake too. I only have oatmeal or cereal, fruits and milk in the morning. Sometimes I am having chocolate drink for a change. When I cut on carbohydrates, I observe that I feel so light now. Last year a lot of people said that I got a little bigger. But when I weighed myself, I still have my normal weight. So I just shrugged off their comments. Last holiday season was a disaster. My food consumption was above the normal. It cannot be avoided as holidays mean delicious foods, sleeping and relaxing. I never got the time to exercise. If I was not eating, I was sleeping. I was savoring the real holiday. As a result, I got two inches in my waistline came January. But after a span of two weeks, I was again back to my normal waistline without the efforts to exercise. Maybe it is because my eating habits have been back to normal already. But exercise is not about just maintaining your body but also to maintain good health and positive outlook in life. I decided to take exercise seriously. Yesterday, I decided to buy a twist board for a start. I just want to tone my muscles and get fit in the process. My sister and I are having fun in taking turns on the twist board. I feel like I am not doing any exercise at all. It is like I am just playing and having fun.