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My parents wanted to renovate a part of our home. They decided to make an extension of the kitchen. They had been thinking about it since the second quarter of the year 2009. He was only waiting to pool the resources. And now that he finally was able to put up a handsome amount of money for this project, he set out to find professional builders to do the renovation for him. They set out to work as agreed, and their progress is quite impressive. They were in the time frame of the job expected of them. Actually, they are a day ahead of their schedule. My mother is so excited about it. She could not stop talking about how the new kitchen would look like. She cannot wait to cook and do her stuff in that special part of our home. As I have seen in the plan, it was quite organized and the design makes the space look bigger than its actual area. I am happy that finally, my father was able to do the thing that was always the subject of the argument between him and my mom. When it was finished, they invited our good neighbor for a long time to have dinner with us. I can see the look of satisfaction in my father’s face. Maybe he was thinking; never will my mother would nag him about it anymore.