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Just recently, my father’s friend whom I met during our homecoming last month decided to venture into another business. He has been into the field of buy and sell of agricultural products and farm inputs. He is also into the business of gasoline service station. He has two already. He told us of his plan to expand into another field. He said he wanted to stretch his luck to see if it will work for him this year. He has this idea of venturing into real property development. With his numerous contacts from his other businesses, surely this new business will thrive. My father suggested that for his business to be established and become well-known, he has to think of a good name for it. And like other existing businesses this new venture should have a unique identity to separate it from the others. He immediately agreed to this idea.

My father asked me if I know of any person or business that is specializes in designing a realtor logo. I remember a classmate of mine way back in high school who is into this field. Luckily I still have his number so my father’s friend contacted him. He told my classmate of his specifics and after agreeing on the price, he set out on designing at least four designs for him to choose from. After five days, they finally came up with the design that suited his taste.