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Another milestone has been added in my life as a blogger. As the year turns a new leaf, so is my blog. Sunday Blues just got the page rank of 2! As an amateur blogger who have yet a lot to know, I consider this as an achievement. Earlier, before I joined the whole neighborhood to welcome the New Year, I was updating my blog. Its page rank was still 1. Silently, I was wondering what it would feel if suddenly my page rank will increase. God is so good. He answered me even though it was only a wishful thinking. I only discovered it when I went back from the street and start posting new articles again. My first reaction was disbelief. Is it a New Year joke? I checked the Google Page Rank Checker. Moreover, I got this result:

Web Page URL:

The Page Rank:                                              2/10

(the page rank value is 2 from 10 possible points)

Ate An was the first person to know this latest development on my blog so I texted her. Being my mentor, she has the right to know. I told Calay too. I cannot contain my excitement. However, there was only me to share it with here in our home. So glad I have Ate An and Calay.  
Once again, I want to give credit to Ate An for all the ideas she has taught me. Thank you very much Te. This blog will not exist if not for you. I also want to thank all my friends in bloglandia, followers and visitors. Thank you guys for taking time to check out Sunday Blues from time to time. To my family, bff, friends, all my loved ones and to all the people from all walks of life whom I draw my ideas thank you. I am happy and contented that I have Sunday Blues; it is my channel of conveying the ideas running in my mind. I am happy because I find a new place to meet and gain new friends. I get to interact with people from all over the world and learn from them in the process. Lastly, to the Great Writer of all time, let every word I write here be an expression of my endless gratitude to You.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2010 bring us all never-ending flow of goodness, happiness and blessings.


Yami said...

Hi Sis. Happy New Year and more blessing to come. at ayan na nga ang first blessing mo, PR 2 na ang blog mo. I'm happy for yah. Congrats sis! Happy blogging! :)

Yami said...

Sis good news nagincrease na rin pala PR ko thanks to you wala akong idea PR 3 na siya. Thanks be to God. :)