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This article was written by my very good friend Jason and posted here with his permission. And I agree to everything that he said. It is not only applicable to the youth of America but to all nations all over the world. I hope our brilliant politicians would make a law on these to produce a stronger and responsible generation not the rotten, spoiled kids that we have today. Read on to know what this great mind has to say.


For longest time Americans have been required to obtain licenses. It is required to get a license to drive a car, to get married, to travel to other countries, or even to catch a fish. Since the beginning of time parents have learned how to raise children by nothing more than just experience. Most unsuspecting parents get a big surprise soon after the baby is born when they realize they have no idea what to do. As a result, more and more people continue to have and then raise children the best way they know how and often times it turns out to be a disaster. Children in modern America are growing up spoiled, undisciplined, and with no direction or ambitions. As a result those children grow into adults who walk around life waiting for others to hand them achievements for doing nothing important. Most of those adult are lost people who can’t decide what direction to take their lives or worse, surrender all their decision making to a spouse who completely runs their life.

The time has come in our society to take back our children and as parents learn to guide and mold our children into productive, confident, and goal drive individuals who believe in working hard to get ahead in the world. Not the lazy breed we have now who feels like because they woke up this morning and put a pair of pants on they should be greatly rewarded. But how do we go from the pit of despair to the peak of achievement? The answer is parental licensing.

The concept is very simple and in my view will save millions of lives in future generations. In a world where parents are locking children in a closest while they go to work or leaving their children in a car while they shop, something needs to be done. I propose a licensing system for all people who want to become parents. Here is how it will work. This system will be in place for first time parents. To be able to obtain a license the mother or couple must attend no less than 24 hours of approved parenting classes. These classes will cover the first 5 years of the child’s life (the most important and crucial years) and will cover such topic like “What to expect when the baby is born” to “how to discipline: The dos and don’ts” and topics like “exercise and nutrition of the baby” and many others. Once 24 hours of parenting classes have been completed (2 hours a week for 12 weeks) the mother or couple can pay their $25 fee and receive their license.

Getting their license before becoming pregnant is preferred but if pregnancy occurs unintentionally then the mother or couples have until the baby is born to get their license to be in compliance. Once a mother or couples have their license they are in compliance to have children per the government. To maintain their license the mother or couple must renew it every year by taking 2 hours of more advanced parenting courses that will be specific to the age of their children and pay a small $5 renewal fee for the year.

Those couples not in compliance with the new licensing laws will be subject to very stiff penalties. If a mother or couple fail to complete the 24 hours of parenting course and fail to pay the $25 fee by the time the child is born, first time offender will be subject to a fine of $1500. They then have 1 year to fall into compliance by completing the parenting course and paying the fee. On the child’s first birthday if the parents have not fallen into compliance they face a fine of $3000. The mother or couple then has six months to fall into compliance. If the parents have failed to fall into compliance by the child’s 18 month mark the parents risk the chance of losing the child to the state and possibly up to 1 year in prison.

Fines for failing to fall into compliance will be aggressively collected by either withholding any tax returns or garnishing the offender’s wages until the total debt is collected. The funds collected will go directly into funding our educational systems at all levels.

These measure need to be put in place to ensure our future generates of children are raise by people who have been educated on how to handle raising children in today’s world. This system will develop more confident and educated parents which will result in happier, well adjusted, goal oriented and internally motivated, productive children and young adults. Everyday that goes by that does not have a program like I have proposed in place, is another day of potential parenting disaster. These programs are a necessity if we want to advance as a society, a nation, and ultimately as a planet.

There he goes folks.  I hope you like it the way I do.