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If you have some news that you want to share with the public or new products or services Free Press Release is available to serve your needs. This company offers four kinds of services like free press release, premium press release, promoted release and customized release. Their features are as follows:

• Free press release – this service enables you to avail of their services for free, even without an account on    FPR and it is absolutely free of charge.
• Premium press release – enables you to make your press release highlighted and with bookmarking services for your press release to have much exposure at a very small rate of $1.
• Promoted press release – this service makes your press release have both traffic and exposure for as low as $5.
• Customized release – it speaks for itself already. You can customize your own page as to your preference and no other links except your own active links.

Not bad enough huh? Why don’t you try it today?