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As I was going to the office this morning, I was in a hurry because I woke up late. I was not able to sleep soundly last night. Maybe the carbonated drink I had was the culprit. I was panicking as I had to be early because I need to lessen my workload. While I was traversing the Sinsuat Avenue on board a jeepney, I noticed that the traffic started to get jammed. Oh my, it is still very early and I think my day had been ruined before it gets started. I patiently waited because I do not have any intention to frown the whole day. When the traffic was already moving, an irresponsible driver went past us going in the wrong side of the road. What do you expect when a driver will do this? Yes, you are right, accident. It collided with an oncoming vehicle. It is very sad to think how Filipinos would behave sometimes. There are traffic rules but they disregard it. I am just lucky that the driver of the jeepney that I was riding on was a disciplined man. Later we stopped by at a fuel station which was newly opened. He was not able to gas up as the diesel fuel pump is out of order. Another bad thing again? Oh my, can I still bear it? Alright we continue until we found another fuel station and luckily we were able to gas up. I was glad that I arrived home safely but I was already late for work. (Sighs)


Reader Wil said...
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Reader Wil said...

Fortunately you had no accident yourself. Traffic can be very dangerous here as well. We have snow and a bit of ice on the roads, which makes it slippery.
I am sorry that I didn't answer sooner, because I couldn't find your comment first. It was an older post, so I didn't look there.

nothingprofound said...

Traffic is a menace everywhere. I own a car but rarely use it. I prefer to walk everywhere. But even for pedestrians it can be dangerous if you don't stay alert and keep your eyes open. I hope the rest of you day went better.