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There are no survivors on the plane accident that happened. All of them died. As what I heard from the news, this nomad plane of the Philippine Air Force is already 34 years old. According to the news these plane came to the Philippines from Australia in 1976. It was in 1995 that they stopped its production because of so many production flaws. The Australians even referred to it as “Widow Maker” because of so many lives claimed by this kind of aircraft. How can you expect a very old plane to function on the twilight of his life?

It is so horrible even to contemplate that those men were completely roasted inside the aircraft. From their normal height, their bodies shrunk to a mere two feet. Can you imagine that? Many lives have been wasted including a very young lieutenant who just came out from the Philippine Military Academy. My brother said, it was only last week that he had a conversation with him while attending a wedding in Zamboanga City. He was so young and full of life, there are still a lot of dreams he could realized if not for that accident. I hope the government would modernize the Armed Forces. As of this moment, we only have three remaining nomad planes and all of them are grounded as I am writing this. We also have few C130 cargo planes. So few that you can even count them on the fingers of your hands.

Since I was in high school, I already heard of this military modernization program. However, until now that I already reached this age that so-called modernization is yet to come. A lot of life has been wasted on the battlefield; do we still have to waste the lives of our men in uniform in accidents because of our defective, old and out dated aircrafts?