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Just recently, I noticed that my hair is already starting to get unruly again. I cannot keep it in place like I used to do. The problem of having an unkempt hair is making me very conscious about it. I feel like a witch when I cannot keep my hair properly. So I decided to have it done at a nearby saloon and bought new ornaments for my hair. Yesterday, I bought hair clips for it so it won’t go my eyes and distract me when I am doing my work. I am so use to a head band, so this time I thought of using clips for a change. Today, I will be using my hair clips for the first time after almost two years. It is really a must to take care of our hair. As much as possible, I rarely style my hair. I want it to be as natural as possible. I only have it rebonded twice a year and I never color it; I just maintain its natural black. I am afraid it would become brittle from so much styling I am also taking vitamins to take care of it. I always use shampoo and conditioner on it to avoid those icky, itchy and flaky things called dandruff. Ewww…..