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Because of the holidays, I was deprived of enough sleep. Just like now, I am trying to court sleep but I did not succeed. I got nothing better to do. I am so bored. So I try to think of my goals for the year. I am going to learn a new language and I will go back to school to get another degree.

I am also thinking of teaching my father and my mother how to use the computer; for them to discover the beauty and the benefits brought about by this technology. For this I am going to lend them my laptop. But I am worried because I am not always around to see what they do. I am afraid that they can delete some of my files accidentally. My folks do not know about the files stuff yet. And I have important files stored in my laptop. I can’t risk losing them as they are as important as food and air to me. I checked for data recovery software but they are expensive. I wish I can find a free software download that can help me in my predicament so I will be at peace if I leave my old folks alone to explore and learn about computer.