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One of my sister believes in the idea of New Year, new things.  Since it is the start of the year, she decided to make-over a part of her home.  After dismantling the Christmas decorations, she set out on putting an altar in the corner of her living room.  Being a Catholic, we  believe that our home should have a place for prayer and veneration.  She put a stand that holds the Bible, a vase of flowers, a Sto. Niño and the image of the Blessed Mother on the center and two candle holders on both sides.  After that, she changed all the curtains and rearranged the bed in the master's bedroom.  It was laborious as she had just changed the curtains before the new year.  But who am I to argue? it's her own house anyway and I am just an observer.

The next thing she did was planting new flowers in the front of her house.  She also had her plumbing system being fixed.  and the last thing she did was, she acquired a baby turtle as a new pet.  Well, anyway the change did good.  The house look like new again and in order.

When she could not think of anything else to change about her home, she decided to raid my room that looks like a battle field.  But I did not allowed her.  It is my own private retreat.  I don't like anybody arranging my things for me because it would be very hard for me to locate them afterwards.  I will arrange my room but not now;  maybe in the weekend when I have plenty of time.