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Have you heard of a potty putter? This thing is somewhat new to me. At first, I really do not have any idea what is all about; until a friend told me. A potty putter is a gadget that you can use to play golf while you are inside the bathroom sitting on your throne. But when I see it, I realized the usefulness of this gadget. You can practice your stuff while doing another thing. It sounds so odd to think that you are golfing while sitting on your “throne”. It is rather unusual but my friend said it is not. As he himself has this gadget he received for Christmas from a fellow golfer. I did not think of him a person who plays inside the bathroom but seeing his things there is already enough proof for me to believe. He said he is enjoying this new toy that he has now. If your father, boyfriend, brother or a friend is into golf and loves to stay inside the bathroom for a long time, this could be the perfect gift for them. And if you like to own this one, Just be sure that nobody would use the bathroom after you or else that person would be fuming and would beat you with the flag stick the moment you step out of it.