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The latest craze in my best friend’s life is game downloading. He is a video game aficionado as long as I can remember. Just the other day, I was wondering why he has not called, I was all this worried about him. Only to be told the next day that he was busy adding a lot of games to his collection which he downloaded from the game torrents search engine. He was so excited about it and he made me come over to their house. He was bragging about this Queen Torrent where he got the games which is already on his computer. He said this is his new discovery while browsing the pages on the internet. He let me play some of them but I decided that it is for him and not me so I contented myself by simply watching him play while teasing me that I will get bored as it has no pink colors in it. But very considerate of him to think of me, he downloaded music and movies for me! He said he wanted it to be his surprise for me to make up for what happened yesterday. He knows how much I love music and movies and he thought what he did for me could appease me. And it really did. This Queen Torrent is very versatile because of the endless choice of video games, music, videos and software you can choose from.