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When I visited my cousin yesterday, I noticed some changes in her home. She has put on new curtains of different hue from the previous ones, she rearrange the living room and made some repairs in the kitchen. She decided to give her house a new look in time for her husband’s arrival by the end of the month. Most notable were the changes she made for her kids’ room. She has two children; a boy and a girl. The two kids used to share a room to make them closer to each other according to her. Now that her kids are growing up she decided to let them sleep in separate rooms. She has the room renovated for her daughter and gave a new one for her son. She bought them new beds, too and disposed the old bed they used to share. The kids love the changes being made on the house and told me about it while we were eating lunch. They show me their rooms later and invited me to come inside and play with them like we always do when I am with them. The kids were happily jumping up and down their respective beds. The girl asked me if I can stay for the night but I declined as I have still other things to do for the rest of the day. But I promised the kids that I will visit them next week and play with them again.


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