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With Love Wednesday

Once again, it is time for With Love Wednesday folks; this week’s subject is about the Media Noche.

We Filipinos call the midnight meal we partake for the New Year as Media Noche. We eat after all the fireworks and firecrackers display is done. Our previous Media Noche was not that happy. There were only the three of us at home, my parents and me. We went to my aunt’s house, as she was also alone there. We ate the foods we prepared in silence. The merriment was absent because we are not together on this occasion. A moment later, my uncle and his family came to join us. We only had a small preparation because there was only the three of us. We only had spaghetti, fruit salad, inihaw na bangus and inihaw na tilapia. We abstain from eating red meat as we were loaded with it since Christmas. The mere thought of lechon made me gagged.

Determined to overcome my sadness, I went to my other aunt’s house. I saw my cousins and their kids all awake and eating their Media Noche. They invited me to join them but as I was already full, I declined it and took their pictures instead.


Jona said...

it's really happier when the family is complete during the celebrations but you're still blessed to have your parents, aunts and cousins around :) thanks for sharing Len!

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