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I hope not. After an 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck the coast of Chile on Saturday that claimed 147 lives as of this writing, tsunami warnings have been heightened in countries located in Asia, South Pacific and Australia. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii issued a tsunami caution for areas mentioned. And I have been hearing all about it on the news this weekend.

As we can recall in the past, a 13 feet tsunami happened after a 9.5 magnitude earthquake hit Chile in 1960 that claimed many lives in Japan, Philippines and Hawaii. It was the largest earthquake that happened so far.

Australia was put on a tsunami watch especially the states of New South Wales and Queensland, and islands of Norfolk and Lord Howe. West Coast of the US facing the Pacific Ocean was also put on alert and all countries that is within the pacific basin.

Here in the Philippines, a text message is spreading about the impending disaster that would strike the country at 6 a.m. today. I hope people would be responsible enough not to forward this false report and spread fear in the hearts of the people as panicking will not do good to us. Just be alert and listen to the news and to the announcements of proper authorities (PHIVOLCS). Let us just be prepared if anything really happens.

Just recently, my sister’s went to an ob-gyne for a check-up as it has already been nine months since she got married but until now she was not yet pregnant. The doctor recommended that she drink wheat grass tea for cleansing and in order for her to have a healthy reproductive system. She said some of her patient tried it and it helped them with their fertility problem. I do not know if it will really help but my sister has this problem with her uterus. She has this condition wherein the lining of her uterus is thickening and she advised her to undergo a medical procedure wherein the lining of her uterus should be scraped in order to prevent further thickening that would make it more difficult for her to conceive. I did not like the idea of my sister undergoing such procedure. I told her to get a second opinion from another doctor to be sure of her real condition.

I do not know about this wheat grass’ effect on her fertility but it has some good effects on her. She said she is no longer having problems with regards to her urinary tract infection; she can now urinate without difficulty. I have been hearing about this wheat grass good effect on health but I had not really tried it. My sister said that if I want to, I could try it as I have some problems with my kidney too. I know wheat grass is not appealing even to think; much more to the taste buds but this one that she is drinking has honey so it eliminates the nasty taste of wheat grass. Maybe I should try it next week and I will just update about its effect on me later.


You Have Your Attitude to Smile About

Things may or may not be going well in your life, but you always take time to smile a little.

You know it's important to keep looking up and looking toward the future. Optimism always wins out.

You're the one person always eager to see a silver lining in dark clouds. It's important that you feel hopeful.

No matter whether you're having a good day or bad day, you keep smiling. A smile makes everything better!

Everybody rock your body right, Backstreet’s back alright!

Once again, they’re here in the Philippines. I am talking about the Backstreet Boys. I am not kidding they are really here. They were one of the most popular boy bands in the 90’s and one of my favorites alongside Boyzone and later, Westlife. I remember it so well as I was one of their fans who was going gaga everytime I see their music videos on MTV Asia. I was in my teens at that time; fresh from high school and starting my college years. It was so long time ago but it was just like yesterday. When I saw them on the evening news, I still feel the way I felt roughly thirteen or fourteen years ago. I am giddy as a school girl again. Lol If Jason could read this, I am sure he would tease me until I cry. Good thing he is not into blogging. Lucky me. ;)

Backstreet Boys arrive today here in the Philippines to perform at Araneta Coliseum as part of their series of concert dubbed as Backstreet Boys This Is Us Tour 2010.  I can’t believe when I saw Nick, he has matured and lost that boyish look he once had. He used to be so cute but now he's a lot cuter than ever.  I know a lot of woman my age out there share what I felt the same as I do. Nicholas Gene Carter popularly known to Backstreet fans as Nick is my favorite of them all.

Come on guys, rock the Big Dome tomorrow night!

Due to the power outage we experienced at the office yesterday, I got no choice but to doze off on my desk to let the time passed. It was dark and the ambiance was tempting me to be asleep. When I woke up, I vowed to myself that since tomorrow is a local holiday, I am going to spend the day sleeping. But then again, I forgot about my promise and found myself in front of the idiot box, watching the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Ladies’ Figure Skating after switching on to many channels to find a good show. I watched Larry King Live and they were talking about the trainer who was killed by a whale. I got bored so I switched it again to Solar Sports to watch Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

I was able to watch the performances of Mao Asada of Japan, Joannie Rochette of Canada, Mirai Nagasu of the United States of America. I was awed by their jaw dropping routines. They looked like they have no bones at all with all those twisting and flipping.

After the performance of Mirai Nagasu, the Olympic Committee announced the winners. Joannie Rochette got bronze, Mao Asada got silver, and Kim Yu-Na of Republic of Korea, whom I unfortunately missed her performance bagged the gold medal for the ladies’ figure skating event. Mirai Nagasu landed on the fourth place. Afterwhich, the Victory Ceremony proceeded and medals were awarded to the winners.

After that I switched channels again, and watch Fast and Furious on HBO for a while. It was I think five minutes before the ending hehehe. With no good show to watch, I went to my room and sleep only to wake up sweating profusely because of the high temperature brought about by the power outage, again?! It’s terrible!

Today, all Filipinos are commemorating the 24th year of the EDSA People Power Revolution, the event that changed the course of history of the Philippines. It marked the end of the 20-year rule of the Marcos regime of dictatorship and corruption.

I was only six years old when it took place. The only memory I had of this event was that me shouting “Tama na, sobra na, palitan na!” and then when I saw Marcos supporters, I would also shout, “Marcos pa rin! Marcos pa rin!” I never really understood what the ruckus is all about. All I know is that, people are shouting and singing while giving flowers to soldiers. Religious people were holding hand in hand with rosaries in their hands facing the tanks of the military. Then when they successfully ousted Marcos, the song Magkaisa and Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo became very popular alongside Bayan Ko.

I did not give it much thought before because at that time my main concern was all about playing and eating. I only learned about the significance of this event when I was in grade six. After reading the book about it did I realized that it was the reason why I am free to do anything as I please. And up to now is still enjoying its legacy of freedom. This event has sparked after a martyr has offered his life for all the Filipinos who according to him are worth dying for. This made me asked myself, are we really worth his life? This is the part of history that I will never get tired of telling until old age eats up what’s left of my memory.
A man was raping a girl and on one corner another girl was crying while taking the video of the incident. The man after having finished raping the girl proceeded on raping the other girl who was taking the video. The two girls are not just any ordinary girls but his daughters aging 11 and 13; his own flesh and blood. And the man was so proud instead of being ashamed for what he had done. Sounds like one of the wildest stories only our imagination can concoct but sadly, it happened in real life. This is the worst case of rape I have ever heard. The first time I heard about it I feel like revolting. Never have I heard of a man who is so proud to boast about his demonic exploit. It is so sickening. This kind of criminal does not deserve a day in court. He should be hanged before the eyes of the public or have Sweeny Todd slit his throat or be burned alive. This man should be condemned to death and be stripped of all his rights.

I would be very happy to see get convicted and for him die inhumanely as what he did was not an act of a human. My friend said that the penalty fitted for this crime is for him to be raped by some much larger men so he will die of rectal trauma and bleed to death. It may be violent and ruthless but this brutal punishment is nothing compared to the criminal act that he had committed towards his own flesh and blood.

I do not know why people could do such horrible things. This kind of person does not deserve to be alive. I wish the capital punishment (death penalty) would be reinstated again. It may not deter felons but at least they could be punished in a way that they could not commit crime again.
I caught up with my long time friend on the net this morning. As always, we updated each other about the latest happenings in our lives like we used to do since she left to work outside of the country. She told me about her new project. She said that she is presently engaging in a new venture and is now in the process of setting up a website for that particular business for her products to be exposed on a wider platform. She also told me about her plan of looking for an affordable webhosting service for her website. She only wants a budget host and yet a dependable one as she is just starting. So she asked me if I can recommend sites that offer webhosting services. I am familiar with webhosting services though I have not tried any one of those. I suggested that she could try looking for some sites that do reviews on webhosting so she could check them out and decide what suits the needs of her business. Also by reading the feedbacks of some of their clients she will be given a glimpse of the profile of her potential host. That is the first thing that I do when I want to try new products or services. She agreed to it and said she would try my suggestion. And just a moment ago, she called me up to tell me that she already found a webhost for her new website. I wish her the best of luck for this new endeavor.
In challenging times that we are in, we should be very wise with managing our finances. Splurging over unnecessary things is a big no no. For us to survive economically wise, we have to design a strategy in order not to run into debt problems.

And one of the things that I am doing so I can avoid to be buried in a pile of debt is not having a credit card though sometimes I am tempted to have one. It is good to have one; however I am having doubts if I can control myself from doing unnecessary buys. I don’t want to do things that I might regret later. I definitely abhor running into debt that I don’t have the capacity to pay. So to play safe, I would rather not have one. So far, I can still live within the budget that I imposed on myself.

Budgeting is also a great idea. I know this subject is boring to some but for me it is one of my necessary weapons to keep up with the financial challenge that the world is experiencing. Every paycheck that I receive, I would only get one half of it for my food, basic needs and necessary expenses. I am also setting aside a portion for contingencies and charity and the rest goes to my savings. My allowances too go to my savings. In doing that, I am preventing myself from being impulsive with spending my money.

As much as possible, if you can avoid engaging in debt just avoid it; if you can’t just be sure to keep it at the minimum level and that you are capable of paying it back. So you won’t be risking of making your problems worse that sometimes ends up in litigation. And this I know, no one wants.

And of all the advice that I heard about managing our finances, this is the best so far. Live your life within your means. Do not aim for a lifestyle that you cannot afford to have if you do not wish to ruin yourself by running into a mountain of debt.

As people are advancing in age, they most likely will encounter problems with their vision. The most common way to address this problem is to wear eyeglasses. But who needs eyeglasses when you can do something to correct your vision but eliminates the need to wear these annoying eyeglasses? To correct your vision problems, there is this procedure called NearVision Conductive Keratoplasty (NearVision CK) that is being offered by Stahl Eye Center who has been in this industry serving patients for more than 35 years and has three locations in New York including Manhattan and Long Island.

Near Vision CK is a painless procedure that is performed by expert doctors of Stahl Eye Center like Dr. Thierry Hufnagel. This procedure will only take as little as 20 minutes to correct vision and only a few hours of recovery, so you can go back to work after undergoing the said procedure. Every patient is assured of his/her safety as they are in the hands of the best doctors who came from universities who have a reputation of being the cream of the crop like John Hopkins, UCLA and Yale. As a proof of their best performance in the field of eye surgery, USAEyes, nonprofit patient advocacy has given Stahl Eye Center a certification based on the outcomes of their operations; a feat that only fewer than 100 doctors in this field achieved.

For detailed information about Near Vision CK click here.

For Stahl Eye Center doctors’ information click here.

I already had enough! This inconvenience I am experiencing with Globe Tattoo is pissing me off. It has been two days that I cannot top up and loading is quite slow. It is taking me centuries to upload pictures on my blog and I cannot attach the same to my e-mails. I decided that I had enough last Friday. I went to Smart Center and applied for a Smart Bro plan. We are using the same broadband in our office and so far, I am not disappointed with the performance. I hope they could process it immediately so I can switch as soon as possible. I don’t want to be pissed off like I always feel when I go online.

Sleepy time. Good night everyone!

At around 7p.m. tonight, my sister Elanie gave birth to a healthy baby girl at V. Luna hospital in Quezon City. It was unexpected though as she said that her expected date of delivery would be this March. Maybe, she miscalculated it and here’s the result, giving birth in a much earlier date. That’s my sister; she was never good with calculations hehehe.

I am excited to see this new angel of our family whom my sister and I agreed to name Erin Leila. I want to see the look on Eldridge’s face. Would he be jealous of the new baby? Surely he will, as the attention of everybody will no longer be centered on him but to the new babe. It is always like that, a new baby is always the apple of everybody’s eyes.

I could sense the excitement in my father’s voice while we were talking on the phone a little earlier. He was as giddy as this too when Eldridge was born two years ago. I want to see my new niece too. I want to drag the days so they could come home for a month before going back to Manila again.

To be honest, I am excited but unlike the excitement I felt when Eldridge was born. I was almost crying when I hold him in my arms. Maybe I am like this as I always wanted a baby boy. It is okay still as long as the baby is healthy, her gender would not matter to me anymore.

Today, an estimated 4.6 million Filipino senior citizens (persons who are 60 years old and above) are expected to be rejoicing with the bill that signed into law called Republic Act 9994 otherwise known as the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010. This law would exclude them from paying 12% expanded value added tax on their essential purchases and other goods and services. Under the new law, all senior citizens will have 20% discount on all goods and services mentioned in the Republic Act 7342 or better known as Called the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 (Republic Act 9994), the new law enables senior citizens to enjoy fully the 20-percent discount on consumer goods and services provided under a 2003 legislation known as RA 7342, otherwise known as “An Act to Maximize the Contributions of Senior Citizens to Nation Building, Grant Benefits and Special Privileges, and for Other Purposes.

EVAT Exemptions:

• Purchases of medicines, basic medical supplies, accessories and equipments
• Fees of attending physicians;
• Medical and dental fees;
• Diagnostic and laboratory fees;
• Fares for buses, jeepneys, taxis, AUVs, shuttle services, public railways, domestic air and sea transport carrier.
• Services in hotels, restaurants and other establishments similar to the both;
• Admission fees in cinemas, theaters and other places of culture, leisure and amusement; and,
• Funeral and burial services.


• Each senior citizen will have a monthly allowance of P500.00 (five hundred pesos)
• The nearest relative will get P2,000.00 (two thousand pesos) as assistance in the case of death an indigent senior citizen
• Senior citizens are entitled to a 5% discount on their water and electric bills provided that the said utilities are under the name of the senior citizen and the consumption will not exceed 100 kilowatt-hours and 30 cubic meters a month for electricity and water respectively

Penalties for Non-compliance

Any establishments and their owners, managers and employees found guilty of violating any or all of the provisions of the R.A. 9994 will suffer the penalty of paying a fine that ranges from P10,000.00 to P50,000.00 or an imprisonment of not less than one month but not more than six months.

The passing of the bill into law is something we owed to our great statesmen like Rep. Reynaldo Uy and Rep. Eduardo Zialcita and Sen. Pia Cayetano, the principal sponsors of the bill.

Taking a break from our busy careers is one of the best things we should do to reenergize ourselves and avoid the deadly stress. Some would stay at home to relax; while others take a vacation to some beautiful and interesting spots. Travelling time should not be spent sleeping just on your seat until you arrive to your destination. You will find travelling a lot of fun if you travel using the rail transportation. If you want to have a safe and relaxing travel around Europe, I highly recommend Euro Trains.

It is a tour operator from UK that uses train to travel around the different parts of Europe. Travelling using the Euro Trains has many advantages. It makes the journey a leisure as passengers will get the chance to view the different cities of each country they pass through. Not only would they enjoy the beautiful scenery, it is also a great opportunity for all of them to be educated of the different cultures and rich history and heritage of the European countries.

They have the following train stations :

1. Folkstone, Kent

2. St Pancras International

3. Ebbsfleet International

4. Ashford International

There are a lot of companies that offers the services of travelling using Trains to Europe, but Euro Trains stands out with their fast service and affordable fares. Organizations that have employees that frequently travel around Europe can apply for a Rail Travel Account. They would also assist passenger who are not regular travelers. Travelling needs not to be costly; using their Rail Travel Account Deals would enable passengers to buy cheap Euro train tickets. Now anybody even those who are tight with their budget can get the chance to visit the top cities of Europe with Euro Trains’ low cost fares and cheap packages.

I read this heart warming story in the book Stories for the Heart. This book is a collection of different inspiring stories. And this particular one I shared here, The People with the Roses was written by Max Lucado. I am grateful for my cousin for letting me borrow this book.

It is about a young man John Blanchard who was deployed overseas to serve during the World War II; who after the war went back home to finally meet the girl he has learned to love without seeing her face. Their love story started in a library in Florida where he saw a book that is quite intriguing. He saw some notes in the margin of the book written by somebody whom he thought have a “thoughtful soul and insightful mind.” Flipping the book, he saw the name of its previous owner. She was a woman named Miss Hollis Maynell.

He made an effort to learn about her whereabouts. Finally, he located her address and learned that she is living in New York City. He wasted no time to write her. He introduced himself and invited her to exchange letters with him. He was sent overseas the next day to serve in war. In the span of thirteen months, they learned a lot about each other and soon romance started to grow between them. He wanted to see her; so he asked for a photograph of her. But she refused saying that if he really cared for her, her looks would not matter to him.

After a year and a month in Europe, he was finally able to go home. They agreed to meet at 7p.m. at the Grand Central in New York. The only description she gave to him was that she would be wearing a red rose on her lapel. As agreed, he waited for her at the Grand Central Station. And this is what happened.

As he was waiting for the girl he loves, he saw a young woman coming toward him. She was slim with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked so perfect in her pale green suit. Captured by the beauty in front of him, he forgot about the rose the girl told her as part of her identity. He walked toward the young woman only to be greeted with “Going my way, sailor?” He has no choice but to step aside and let her pass. Behind the girl, he saw Hollis Maynell standing and wearing the red rose on her lapel.

As described in the book, she is a woman past 40 with “graying hair tucked under a worn hat. She was more than plump, her thick-ankled feet thrust into low-heeled shoes.” The girl in pale green suit quickly walked away from them. The young man’s heart was torn. A part of him wanted to follow the young woman but there before him stood a woman with her pale, plump face yet gentle and sensible and gray eyes that exuded warmth and kindness. This was the woman who had been filling his thoughts for the past thirteen months. Without any hesitation, he showed the book that has started it all for her to know that it is the same man whom she exchanged letters with. This time he felt something far better than love. It is some kind of special friendship that he felt so grateful for.

He saluted the woman and gave the book to her. He could not hide the sound of bitterness and disappointment in his voice as he spoke. He introduced himself and invited the woman for dinner. Then she smiled at him and told him that she did not know what it is all about. Only that the lady in the pale green suit begged her to wear the rose on her coat and told her that in the event the man would asked her out for dinner, she should go and tell him that the young lady in pale green suit is waiting in the big restaurant across the street. And this is but just a test.

I was having fun yesterday reading my forecast in Chinese zodiac printed on a red tarpaulin and was being posted at the ground floor of SM City. It says a lot of good things like I could gain easy money this year. Hmmm…..maybe I should try my luck with lotto hehehe…. Also it says good things too about my career, love life and monetary gains. I guess I would choose to have a good blog life this year and the years to come; love life is not my priority at this time. I am excited about these monetary gains as it says that I will be lucky if I will try to invest in a business and to maintain this good luck, I have to give to charity also. Not bad, after all blessings are meant to be shared and not to be hoarded by just a few people. Although I am not really a believer of this thing but I hope it will really come true. It says also of a possible travel for me this year. Wow! I wish it would really come true. This is going to be an exciting year to look forward to. However, I am being warned about my health as it is the most vulnerable aspect of my life this year and further advises that I should see a doctor on a regular basis for check up. This is a practical advice so I will follow it. I am already starting to watch what I eat.

As today is Valentine’s Day, SM is giving special treats to its customers today; my aunt received a rose and balloon this morning as she entered the said establishment.  I took their pic as a souvenir but too bad I can't post the picture today.  My connection is going crazy again.
I thought I am going to have a quiet weekend within the four corners of my room sleeping; but my cousin called last night and lured me to come here at Davao City to have a little fun. So, I woke up very early to do my laundry so I could leave as early as possible. 

I left Cotabato City very sleepy and spend the whole traveling time sleeping.  I arrived here just in time for lunch.  My aunt met me at SM City without my cousin as she was left home tending her son, whom I fondly called her excess baggage :)  My aunt and I just ate at the food court and took pictures of the hanging roses shaped in heart.  Too bad I can't upload it now.  I will try to do it when I get home.

Since I can't think of anything else to do, we watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. It was really fun.  Thereafter, we went to National Bookstore to buy books; to my dismay, there is still no available book entitled The Lost Symbol on paperback. I don't like the hardcover as it is too bulky to carry and much more expensive.  I bought Michael Crichton's Runaway Jury for my collection and Erika's Harry Potter anyway.

We went at my cousin's home to spend the night afterward and had a good dinner of sinigang na bangus.  I was really stuffed and  I can't still breath up to now. heheheh....
Aside from being in love with pink, my other obsession is books. Everytime I go inside a bookstore, I cannot step out of its door without purchasing one. I splurge when it comes to buying books. It is a good thing that we do not have National Bookstore here; otherwise I would be squeezing my savings until nothing else, even one peso would be left. LOL I only get a chance to buy books when I can go to Davao City or Gensan City.

With this fascination about books, I did not notice that I already start my own collection. It reached the level where my father was forced to make a cabinet just to accommodate them all and preserve their condition; not only my books but also the books that my siblings and I used since we were in elementary grade. I am proud to say that after so many years, we are still in possession of those books which we only “inherited” from our cousins. From time to time, I opened their pages to savor the time when I was still using them. I am glad that my father love books too. He believes that a book should not be disposed of but be taken care of the way we do with our precious possessions. Anything printed that has a good value is welcome in our home.

Not contented with my collection, I am starting to build Hardy Boys and Harry Potter for my sister Erika. I am pleased that she also loves to read. I really made it a point to introduce her to the magical pages of books since the time when she was only listening to my stories. I used to read an average of three stories at night just to put her to sleep. She loves stories that range from fairy tales to my own exploit. And now, she is exploring another dimension of adventure all by herself.

As for my latest acquisition, I have Apple Grammar which I bought online from the author himself, Roger B. Rueda, an educator from Visayas. It is a book about grammar that is being explained very simply so it is easy to grasp everything written in it. It is the latest addition to my favorite reads (as if three Collins books on grammar are not yet enough). If you are interested with this Apple Grammar too, you can contact the author at 09068541933 or you can send him an e-mail at

We are supposed to have a pictorial today for the souvenir program of the PACE (Philippine Association of Court Employees) Convention this April at Cagayan de Oro City. I don’t know what happened that it did not materialize. Maybe one of my officemate forgot about it, besides we are too busy to pose for pictures today as we have different transactions to attend to. Moreover, one of my colleagues is on leave this week so maybe it is best if we will do the pictorial next week when all of us are already complete.

Almost all of us are planning to go including me as it is my first time to attend such event but when I learned that the budget allotted for travel by the local counterpart is limited and the registration fee is a lot too high, I was a little discouraged. I am having doubts now if I will attend. After all it is just meeting other employees from other parts of the country. There is nothing more to that. And I know a lot of us only think of sight-seeing and shopping. So maybe I will just go next time. There would be more convention next time and this is not the last. I asked my sister and she said she will not go, so I will not go either. Besides, we can go to CDO some other day without paying for registration hehehe…..

“Now, the cat is out of the bag…Manny Villar is the secret candidate of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Mike Arroyo himself met with Manny Villar at the house of Mike Defensor last January 7, 2010. Villar secretly agreed to make GMA as Speaker of the House and protect her should Villar win the presidency. Villar agreed to GMA’s offer of massive logistical support in GMA’s commissioners in the COMELEC (Commission on Elections) who will assure Villar’s victory. Please pass so we cannot be fooled again”

This is the circulating text message all over the Philippines since last week. In fact, one presidential candidate even addressed Villar as VILLAROYO. That is how election fever affects the lives of Filipinos. Although this is an unconfirmed report; there is nothing wrong with being cautious considering the greed for power of some of our leaders. The national campaign starts today; and each candidate have their own strategy to win the people. We should be wise in casting our vote come May 10, 2010, as our decision for that day will affect our country and lives for the years to come.

At the presidential forum of the Inquirer yesterday, one of the presidentiables was asked how much a kilo of galunggong and a piece of salted egg cost. She became the subject of ridicule when she gave her answer which I consider very lousy. She was booed by the audience. How could a president know about the situation of her country when she doesn’t even know anything about the food of the masses?

The poor are the most abused sector during election. A lot of opportunists use them to win the sympathy of the majority of the people. After those candidates win, do you think they would still care about those people they used for their personal interest? I doubt. If so, then maybe you could see no people living under the bridge or living on the slums if these politicians who called themselves pro-poor really care.

I have been lazy for the past weekend. I did nothing but sleep. I would just wake up to check my e-mails then go back to sleep again. I feel so sad but I do not know the reason. I was so tired of thinking so I opt to sleep it over. I was craving for chocolates and I couldn’t sleep thinking about those luscious bars. Yesterday, I had a pack of m&m’s and today I buy another pack of m&m’s again and a bar of Van Houten Fruits and Nuts. I am really a chocolate addict. Even with ice cream, I still want chocolate.

Today I am not in gloomy mood anymore; maybe those chocolates have altered my mood. They said eating chocolates is a good way to combat sadness. I think I did the right thing by eating it. It is a good thing that it did not trigger my headache like it used to do before. Since I was able to control my chocolate consumption, the occurrence of my headache lessens. I did really curb my craving to avoid suffering from those dreadful headaches again. It was a hard task though but I do not have a choice and gladly, I won over it.
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I woke early as we have a scheduled preliminary examination today at 8:30 a.m. However, my boss called saying that she can’t make it as she is not feeling well. So the preliminary examination was cancelled. I had a wonderful morning. Thanks God it’s Friday. I am excited because tomorrow, I will not be forced to wake up early as I do not have to go to the office. I am going to have two days of rest. Yay!

I am satisfied that I am done with my calendar of cases for next week. My officemates were discussing about the upcoming election and the presidentiables particularly Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar. One said that he would vote Villar as he came from the grassroots and he understands the predicament and needs of the masses as once in his life, he’d been there too. Another said that he would go for Noynoy because he thinks Noynoy has credibility. Aside from being a son of the hero, Benigno Aquino, Jr. and the former President Cory, he came from a close-knit family of devout Catholics that is filled with the values taught by his late mother President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. Knowing her, she was a very religious woman when she was still alive. Noynoy has a moral ascendancy just like his parents. For me, it is one of the vital characteristics a leader should have.

While listening to them, I was also trying to compare the two. Villar is the story of rags to riches. His ads say that he is pro poor, but with his ads being shown frequently on popular channels like promoting a brand of soap, one could say how he will be able to recover all his expenses considering how expensive it is to buy airtime these days. He also invades popular social networking sites. He is a businessman. Do you think a businessman would just throw away his money that easy without expecting a high ROI (Return of Investments)? Of course not! And if he is already in the position, where do you think will he get a reimbursement for all his expenses? It is just an easy arithmetic that even a simple-minded individual can easily get. Do I smell corruption again? Oh no, my people has enough of it already. I always remember C5 project everytime I see Villar. Do I want to make him waste the tax I am paying for his personal use? Definitely not! So I am not going to vote for him. Benigno Aquino III popularly known as Noynoy is one of the senators I admire. Of all of them, only he and Senator Panfilo Lacson are the ones who never use the pork barrel allotted to them. His salary does not go to his pocket too; instead it goes straight to his foundations. Villar is the wealthiest among the senators, why can’t he do the same thing? Noynoy’s political campaign is not founded on the “utang na loob” on some individuals with hidden agenda so you can expect that once he becomes the president, there would be no debts to pay or favor to do for those individuals who helped him in his campaign. His decisions won’t be affected by the pressure of outside forces. That is something good I am looking forward to. I am tired of seeing my country at the bottom struggling to live day by day. I don’t want a system that the elite rules and the common tao suffer and become poorer day by day. We owe it to them to give them back their dignity and give them the chance to live a good life. We need good leaders to lead us to advancement. The Filipino people have suffered enough. We should choose the right person that is fitted to become our leader. Our future rests on our hands. I hope we would vote using our minds and not be influenced by the endless ads we see on our television.

I am entertaining the thought of having a second blog; but I am having apprehensions. I am not sure if I can make it active because in the next few months, I would be busy as a bee with my plans to further my education. I wish I would never run out of the will power to pursue my plans and goals. Right now, I have a lot of things in mind that I want to accomplish. I am not sure if I can do them all; I will just try my very best.

Sometimes, I want to drag the hands of time to make it go faster. I want to see what will become of me five years from now. Anticipating for the future is an exciting thing to do. One thing I like about the future is it’s full of surprises; and I cannot wait to see it! The mere thought makes me scatterbrained like a school girl lol.

Going back to my plan of having a second blog, I think it is a good idea as I need an outlet to convey what will happen as I embark with my new adventure. I know it is not an easy thing to do. It is 10 years ago when I step out of the institution of higher education and I do not know what awaits me the moment I go back to reading a mountain of books ,researches, assignments and the scariest part, oral recitations. It is making me nervous. I would rather choose to be given an examination with one thousand questions than speak in front of people. It is a shame I did not develop my interaction skill. My inferiority complex would surface from time to time and this is what destroys my disposition. Meantime, I will try to decide tonight about creating a new blog or not.

I just came home from work very tired. I sought the comfort of my bed to lay down my tired body and have a nap. Nevertheless, I was not able to fall asleep so I get up watch 2012 on DVD while eating a bowl of curls and a can of soft drinks. I am glad that the court hearing this afternoon just went by smoothly. I was not able to finish preparing the minutes of the session as there are two court orders waiting for me to be encoded. One was a demolition order and the other is admission of formal offer of exhibits. You may find it boring but these things comprise my regular day at work. It is better to do a lot of things than sit idle and not learn anything at all. Everything I do is a learning experience on my part. I am glad everytime my boss hands me some tasks. I see it as a challenge to achieve greater knowledge. It is as if everyday is a new day for new discoveries on some untapped area of education.

My previous job was a real challenge too. I started working without any idea what my job is all about. Good thing there were people who guided me so I will know what to do. Some of them made me laugh and smile and some of them made me cry. However, I did not harbor any hard feelings towards those who hurt me. I thought of it as a challenge to be a better person. I cannot forget them. They helped me find out about my capabilities. I became familiar with my job after a month. From there I learned to do multi-tasking, as my previous job was very demanding. Sometimes, when the situation demands for it, I would be forced to do some tasks that are not under the scope of my responsibilities. I was glad I did not said “no” to all those tasks. When I resigned from that job, I was fully equipped with the knowledge that I am happy to acquire.

Not all things can be learned at school; most of it comes from our experiences. We should never complain how hard the task is; instead, we should look at it as an opportunity to further what we already learned. This thought serves as my inspiration to take the task that I should do for the day.

As a kid I would say that my siblings and I were raised though not perfect but in a good way. My parents taught us the value of responsibility very early in our lives. We never experienced luxury as kids. Instead, we are brought up to a of life simplicity and to be contented with what my parents could provide for us. I have a very humble beginning. When we were not in school, we are working in our farm toiling the dirt so we can continue our studies. It was a hard kind of work with all of us sweating from early morning to noon. It was very tiresome and sometimes I wanted to complain. However my education is more important to me. During those times that I wanted to surrender, I would just remind myself that it is not everyday that I would endure this scene. One day, I would graduate, have a good job and I will never be enduring the same hardship again. I would just look back and laugh at all that happened to me.

With God’s guidance, we were able to change the course of our fate. All five of us are now working with only two remaining students to send to school. At least it is not as we used to be, we no longer toil the dirt to send them to school. Sometimes, when I hold a fistful of dirt in my hand, it would bring me back to the old times, but I never feel regret at all. I hold the dirt with a grateful heart. If not for that handful of dirt, I would never be what I am today.

I came up with a realization that what we did as kids was not my parents’ way of punishing us; but teaching us the value of hard work. In order to succeed we must toil for it first. We cannot taste the sweetness of success if we did not work hard for it.