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Aside from being in love with pink, my other obsession is books. Everytime I go inside a bookstore, I cannot step out of its door without purchasing one. I splurge when it comes to buying books. It is a good thing that we do not have National Bookstore here; otherwise I would be squeezing my savings until nothing else, even one peso would be left. LOL I only get a chance to buy books when I can go to Davao City or Gensan City.

With this fascination about books, I did not notice that I already start my own collection. It reached the level where my father was forced to make a cabinet just to accommodate them all and preserve their condition; not only my books but also the books that my siblings and I used since we were in elementary grade. I am proud to say that after so many years, we are still in possession of those books which we only “inherited” from our cousins. From time to time, I opened their pages to savor the time when I was still using them. I am glad that my father love books too. He believes that a book should not be disposed of but be taken care of the way we do with our precious possessions. Anything printed that has a good value is welcome in our home.

Not contented with my collection, I am starting to build Hardy Boys and Harry Potter for my sister Erika. I am pleased that she also loves to read. I really made it a point to introduce her to the magical pages of books since the time when she was only listening to my stories. I used to read an average of three stories at night just to put her to sleep. She loves stories that range from fairy tales to my own exploit. And now, she is exploring another dimension of adventure all by herself.

As for my latest acquisition, I have Apple Grammar which I bought online from the author himself, Roger B. Rueda, an educator from Visayas. It is a book about grammar that is being explained very simply so it is easy to grasp everything written in it. It is the latest addition to my favorite reads (as if three Collins books on grammar are not yet enough). If you are interested with this Apple Grammar too, you can contact the author at 09068541933 or you can send him an e-mail at