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I have been lazy for the past weekend. I did nothing but sleep. I would just wake up to check my e-mails then go back to sleep again. I feel so sad but I do not know the reason. I was so tired of thinking so I opt to sleep it over. I was craving for chocolates and I couldn’t sleep thinking about those luscious bars. Yesterday, I had a pack of m&m’s and today I buy another pack of m&m’s again and a bar of Van Houten Fruits and Nuts. I am really a chocolate addict. Even with ice cream, I still want chocolate.

Today I am not in gloomy mood anymore; maybe those chocolates have altered my mood. They said eating chocolates is a good way to combat sadness. I think I did the right thing by eating it. It is a good thing that it did not trigger my headache like it used to do before. Since I was able to control my chocolate consumption, the occurrence of my headache lessens. I did really curb my craving to avoid suffering from those dreadful headaches again. It was a hard task though but I do not have a choice and gladly, I won over it.