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A man was raping a girl and on one corner another girl was crying while taking the video of the incident. The man after having finished raping the girl proceeded on raping the other girl who was taking the video. The two girls are not just any ordinary girls but his daughters aging 11 and 13; his own flesh and blood. And the man was so proud instead of being ashamed for what he had done. Sounds like one of the wildest stories only our imagination can concoct but sadly, it happened in real life. This is the worst case of rape I have ever heard. The first time I heard about it I feel like revolting. Never have I heard of a man who is so proud to boast about his demonic exploit. It is so sickening. This kind of criminal does not deserve a day in court. He should be hanged before the eyes of the public or have Sweeny Todd slit his throat or be burned alive. This man should be condemned to death and be stripped of all his rights.

I would be very happy to see get convicted and for him die inhumanely as what he did was not an act of a human. My friend said that the penalty fitted for this crime is for him to be raped by some much larger men so he will die of rectal trauma and bleed to death. It may be violent and ruthless but this brutal punishment is nothing compared to the criminal act that he had committed towards his own flesh and blood.

I do not know why people could do such horrible things. This kind of person does not deserve to be alive. I wish the capital punishment (death penalty) would be reinstated again. It may not deter felons but at least they could be punished in a way that they could not commit crime again.