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A health directory is a resource site of all the best health and beauty websites online. It is a collection of websites that covers categories like addiction, dentistry, beauty, elderly care, fitness, general health, mental health, health insurance and all other subjects related to health and beauty, which you can look through at your convenience. It also has forum where you can join and interact with other visitors, ask questions or answer them. It also has a portion where it features the latest articles on useful tips and a lot more of “how to” stuff.

Using a health directory is like browsing the yellow pages portion of your telephone directory only that it is a lot easier and not as tedious as flipping the pages of printed directory. You can just click your way to find the website you wanted. All subjects are shown in organized categories that are easy to access and understand so you do not have to find the table of contents like you do with a printed directory.

At, finding the right category that suits your needs is a lot faster. If you want to add your site to their directory, here are the options you can choose from:

• Bronze listing - this option is being offered free and you just need to link to their site.

• Silver listing – this option has added benefits compared to bronze as you can have up to four images to show on their site and a short text to describe your website. This will make your website visible and could easily catch the reader’s attention thereby making your site gain a lot of exposure and linking back is not necessary.

• Premium Gold listing – this option has a lot more benefits than the two I mentioned above. In this option, you can have an unlimited number of texts to describe your website, you can show up to 20 images of your site, and your website is visible across the directory making it available all the time to anybody who views the directory.


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