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“Now, the cat is out of the bag…Manny Villar is the secret candidate of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Mike Arroyo himself met with Manny Villar at the house of Mike Defensor last January 7, 2010. Villar secretly agreed to make GMA as Speaker of the House and protect her should Villar win the presidency. Villar agreed to GMA’s offer of massive logistical support in GMA’s commissioners in the COMELEC (Commission on Elections) who will assure Villar’s victory. Please pass so we cannot be fooled again”

This is the circulating text message all over the Philippines since last week. In fact, one presidential candidate even addressed Villar as VILLAROYO. That is how election fever affects the lives of Filipinos. Although this is an unconfirmed report; there is nothing wrong with being cautious considering the greed for power of some of our leaders. The national campaign starts today; and each candidate have their own strategy to win the people. We should be wise in casting our vote come May 10, 2010, as our decision for that day will affect our country and lives for the years to come.

At the presidential forum of the Inquirer yesterday, one of the presidentiables was asked how much a kilo of galunggong and a piece of salted egg cost. She became the subject of ridicule when she gave her answer which I consider very lousy. She was booed by the audience. How could a president know about the situation of her country when she doesn’t even know anything about the food of the masses?

The poor are the most abused sector during election. A lot of opportunists use them to win the sympathy of the majority of the people. After those candidates win, do you think they would still care about those people they used for their personal interest? I doubt. If so, then maybe you could see no people living under the bridge or living on the slums if these politicians who called themselves pro-poor really care.