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We are supposed to have a pictorial today for the souvenir program of the PACE (Philippine Association of Court Employees) Convention this April at Cagayan de Oro City. I don’t know what happened that it did not materialize. Maybe one of my officemate forgot about it, besides we are too busy to pose for pictures today as we have different transactions to attend to. Moreover, one of my colleagues is on leave this week so maybe it is best if we will do the pictorial next week when all of us are already complete.

Almost all of us are planning to go including me as it is my first time to attend such event but when I learned that the budget allotted for travel by the local counterpart is limited and the registration fee is a lot too high, I was a little discouraged. I am having doubts now if I will attend. After all it is just meeting other employees from other parts of the country. There is nothing more to that. And I know a lot of us only think of sight-seeing and shopping. So maybe I will just go next time. There would be more convention next time and this is not the last. I asked my sister and she said she will not go, so I will not go either. Besides, we can go to CDO some other day without paying for registration hehehe…..