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Today, all Filipinos are commemorating the 24th year of the EDSA People Power Revolution, the event that changed the course of history of the Philippines. It marked the end of the 20-year rule of the Marcos regime of dictatorship and corruption.

I was only six years old when it took place. The only memory I had of this event was that me shouting “Tama na, sobra na, palitan na!” and then when I saw Marcos supporters, I would also shout, “Marcos pa rin! Marcos pa rin!” I never really understood what the ruckus is all about. All I know is that, people are shouting and singing while giving flowers to soldiers. Religious people were holding hand in hand with rosaries in their hands facing the tanks of the military. Then when they successfully ousted Marcos, the song Magkaisa and Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo became very popular alongside Bayan Ko.

I did not give it much thought before because at that time my main concern was all about playing and eating. I only learned about the significance of this event when I was in grade six. After reading the book about it did I realized that it was the reason why I am free to do anything as I please. And up to now is still enjoying its legacy of freedom. This event has sparked after a martyr has offered his life for all the Filipinos who according to him are worth dying for. This made me asked myself, are we really worth his life? This is the part of history that I will never get tired of telling until old age eats up what’s left of my memory.