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I was having fun yesterday reading my forecast in Chinese zodiac printed on a red tarpaulin and was being posted at the ground floor of SM City. It says a lot of good things like I could gain easy money this year. Hmmm…..maybe I should try my luck with lotto hehehe…. Also it says good things too about my career, love life and monetary gains. I guess I would choose to have a good blog life this year and the years to come; love life is not my priority at this time. I am excited about these monetary gains as it says that I will be lucky if I will try to invest in a business and to maintain this good luck, I have to give to charity also. Not bad, after all blessings are meant to be shared and not to be hoarded by just a few people. Although I am not really a believer of this thing but I hope it will really come true. It says also of a possible travel for me this year. Wow! I wish it would really come true. This is going to be an exciting year to look forward to. However, I am being warned about my health as it is the most vulnerable aspect of my life this year and further advises that I should see a doctor on a regular basis for check up. This is a practical advice so I will follow it. I am already starting to watch what I eat.

As today is Valentine’s Day, SM is giving special treats to its customers today; my aunt received a rose and balloon this morning as she entered the said establishment.  I took their pic as a souvenir but too bad I can't post the picture today.  My connection is going crazy again.